When cuckold’s sulk

Author: Lutheran Maid 

Kerry checked her watch. Yes, it was already evening and still Robert was sulking. She had arrived home earlier that afternoon and directed him to cook the evening meal. She had invited her sister in law Emma over for dinner and now, yes now, it was time to show her just how to heel Robert was. It wasn’t just that Robert accepted her dating with the utterly lush Martial, it had to be clear that now she and her lover ruled the roost. Martial had a bro that was interested in Emma. He had a bro that wanted her in his bed. If Emma saw just how complete a black cock mastery was in the household she might be persuaded to come on over to the right side of sex. She might be that much more disposed to treat her own husband with the sort of disdain that was part and parcel of the lifestyle.

‘What are you sulking about exactly?’ Kerry asked at last rising from the chair and fixing her own gin and tonic for Christ’s sake!

Her husband glared at her. He had fixedly tried to read a magazine but Kerry noticed that his gaze didn’t shift back and forth that is normal when you are really reading lines. 

Still he didn’t answer. The little shit annoyed her. He had come in to this anticipating all sorts. First it had just been a thrill that she had ‘met soomeone’. Then, then, she suspected that the bastard was really just a closet voyeur. He wanted to watch her turn tricks.That Martial was a black guy and therefore masucline elemental probably terrified him. 

She snatched the magazine out of his hands and flung it across the room. The flying pages took out a vase of flowers en route and now the magazine lay on the floor amidst a pool of water and smashed carnations. For a moment she thought about standing there, legs akimbo, in her full length front zip leather pencil skirt superior and demanding. That was the look that sometimes made Robert tremble. This day though, all afternoon Robert looked too mulish to crumple under such a gaze. So she slapped him hard across the face. She had not intended it but her watch caught him square across his cheekbone and a violent looking slash scar opened in his pale white skin. He was bleeding. 

‘I asked you why you are sulking’ she said icily. Once upon a time she would have handed him the handkerchief to dab his wound, but not now.

It was intolerable. She had spent sevetral days preparing her husband for this evening. Emma would arrive, Robert would cook dinner and serve wine, the conversation would be convivial and it would come around moment by sweet moment to his confessed relief about how pleaaed he was that Martial was dating his wife. It was his chance to acknowledge a few realities about marriage, about you know…..about sex. It was a chance to confide that men had doubts and that it was entiurely possible that they could accept a wife’s judgement that they weren’t good enough. It was Robert’s chance to make a liberal point or two, about race, about relationships, about the terrible old days of prejudice. It was a time for that kind of thing. having Robert submit to his sister, lick her rear like he licked that of his mistress wife, well, that would come with time. There were aversions to be worked upon. 

‘Sorry…’ said Robert shaking his head. The shock of the slap had been considerable. It had been coming these last days, coming in that tense way that a building heat leads to a sudden thunder storm. ‘I’m sorry….just sometimes it gets a bit much. You….him…how he has changed you.’ 

Kerry sighed. Not that fucking conversation again. She had insisted several times that Martial was not a magician. He was not a mesmerist that changed her in some miraculous way. Martial simply accepted what a woman could always be, sometimes, often, in the right circumstances…a bitch. Martial fucked her. He fucked her royally and because of that she had wanted him again and again. She had made the comparisons, arrived at the judgement. Robert could be dumped, save only that Martial wanted him kept on to promote the lifestyle more widely. Robert earned a goos salary. Robert cooked and did chores. Robert was a fucking white faggot, Martial was sure of it.

‘Do I have to call him and say you’re not co operating?’ Kerry asked. 

There, if she did that, then the scratch on her husband’s cheek would seem nothing compared with the hiding to come. 

‘Please….no!’ Robert blurted. His words erupted out of him his face shaking wioth the prospect of what that would mean. 

‘Look at your crotch’ said Kerry. Her husband had an erection. There was the tell tale signs that at some point that afternoon he had masturbated and made a little mess down there. ‘Stop fucking fighting it Robert. You’re owned. You’re the black man’s bitch. You’re going to suck cock and put your rear up…..’ 

‘No!’ he protested. There…you see? The words were out of his trembling mouth before his fucking brain had the time to consider the consequences. 

Kerry picked up her mobile from the side and hit the speed dial button for the sexiest bull this side of the river. Christ she was needing his prong right now. She was needing it really bad. The ache seemed to start in her crotch and reach up like a fist almost into her chest. Beneath her seated on the lopw chair, his head in his hands, Robert was starting first to whimper and then to sob. 

‘Darling, God, when you coming around to see me? You know how many hours it has been?’ Kerry oozed adulation and it was entirely heart felt. She needed the man. She lived for the man and he knew it. There were times when she wastched him preen, letting her suck his bare cock, stroking his fine auburn hair. Martial was chuckling. He liked a bitch to be needful. He liked that ache in her belly. 

‘You got that bitch Emma dropping by tonight huh?’ he asked. ‘Want to see her pleased with what you’re doing with that faggot of yours. She gotta learn what a low life, lick me clean scummie that sorry bitch is’. 

Kerry looked down at her husband. Scum. Yes….he was scum. She confirmed the dinner party arrangement and tthen listening to Robert’s whimpering, she shared it. 

‘He’s sulking again. He’s proving awakward Mart darling’ she said, embarrassed by the admission. ‘He’s refusing to cook dinner and co operate about his sister.’ 

She heard the base growl from her bull’s chest. Martial wasn’t quick to anger but when he was aroused the reprisals could be severe. There had been that time when Robert lost two teeth. It had cost him two grand plus to get them replaced with implants. 

‘Look, can’t you have Wesley drop by and pick him up. Take him some place and discipline him. I’m fed up with his fucking petulance. I could entertain Emma alone. We could do girl’s talk!’ Sometimes her cruelty surprised her. Kerry had never thought herself nasty, never thought about herself as violent, but sometimes violence had to be used. 

Robert was pawing at her leather skirt. He wanted her to stop. He needed her to stop. This was utterly humiliating. Martial though was already in high dudgeon. 

‘That fucker’s going to lick your butt in front his Emma bitch babe. That bastard’s going to lick his fucking sister’s wet arse out tonight!’ 

Kerry blanched. The thought was appalingly sensual, erotic and entirely impossible. Martial hadn’t seen what mood Robert was in, he needed taking out for a good hiding. She moved to protest, but Martial was already rolling on, growling out the instructions. 

‘Put the fucker on the phone!’ he snapped. 

She handed the mobile to her husband, into his shaking hand. There was a cacophony and threats, shouts and expletives. The blood drained from Robert’s face. From what little Kerry could understand it sounded as if both Wesley and Martial were going to come over. They were going to play a hand of cards quietly upstairs whilst Emma and she were properly dined and supported befow. If there was the slightest hint of trouble, then Robert might take a trip through a window. More instructions followed, a whole stream of them that Kerry couldn’t follow. Robert was begging, pleading, promising to be good. He would do anything. 

The phone came back to her, dropped into her immaculately manicured hand, by someone who looked as though they had just had the fear of God shoved inside them. 

‘Let me see him lick your butt’ said Martial. 

Kerry gulped. She felt that she should have had Robert to heal by now. It had jjust been harder than she had imagined. She thanked Martial for ‘speaking to Robert’. Martial sounded stern. ‘Have him lick your butt’ he insisted. 

She looked at the man beneath her and turned. It was easier to unzip and drop her skirt entirely than to have him lick her arse with the leather hitched up. Slowly the skirt came down. She stepped out of the tiny panties that sher wore. Kerry had been taught to rule him entirely with clicks of her finger and thumb, to fine tune his behaviour with a look. The first click brought Robert to his knees on the carpet. Kerry angled the phone so that the video clip she ran could be watched easily by Martial. A seconc click brought his mouth to her reear. He sniffed her scent and started to lick her buttocks with soft, relatively drive licks of his tongue. As her nuzzled and licked there she was transported back there, to the bedroom, to Martial’s cock, the way that thick black member took first her cunt and then her ass. The black man takes everything. He owns everything in sight. 

After a few minutes delicate licking of her cheeks and Martial’s whispered approval, she set the phone on the drawers beside the sofa, amngling it so that the view rermained clear for her bull. With red laquered nails she eased open her buttocks and her botty hole confronted her husband. There was no relief allowed to a faggot like Robert. If she passed a little wind then so be it. He was to lick on regardless. Her husband stared at her nicely puckered rear. Was there yet semen there…she could not see. Click. He started to lick, his nose wedged hard against her sacrum, his mouth against her anus. Now he licked differently, exactly as her man had ordered him, running a little spittle around and into her soft hole so that he could taste as well as smell her interior. It was delicious. It was as if he was suckling her. His tongue curled and rippled against her skin, working with the sweet little spasms that the worship evoked. 

‘You’ll lick your sister’s arse….just like this’ she moaned softly, abandoning herself to the toilet. It was so radical using him like this, doing Martial’s bidding, makimng him this menial object. ‘Emma will become a black man’s bitch, and you will treat her as reverently as me.’ 

Robert swirled his tongue about her, around and around in teasing circles. She knew thta he longed to lick her cunt too, but that wasn’t allowed he came to cock, meekly and sweetly. 

‘Tell Emma tonight…tell her how worthless you always were. Tell her she was alwayas the favourite.. Admit it….that you do ….this stuff’. Kerry’s husky voice filled his ears. He was eating her bottom now, kissing her arse apassionately, his cock pulsing. Now, now the marriage, of arousing act, sex scent and taste and the possibility of abject submission to his sister. It was so sweet, so arousing, so madam. 

God…she was about to orgasm! It was so wet, so dirty, so complete. She caught his mane and dragged his dirty, greedy, shameful face away from her bottom. Dragging down the breathes, she ordered him to go and cook. Martial, Wesley would be over soon. He didn’t want to disappoint did he? Emma was coming to dinner, coming to dinner in one of thoase natty short flared skirts thjat she always wore. Robert kmnew the sort, didn’t he?!