What the Cuck: Kelly’s game

Author: Jambo 

The next day rolled on, and  once again I took the tube to work, I read through a few emails but I couldn’t help my mind from wondering back to the events of the previous day specifically Gary, what the fuck was that about?

Never had I ever imagined him being that subservient and perverse, the sight of him eating my cum out of his wifes vagina haunted me, it was as if I was an unwilling participant in his homo erotic fantasy, I was genuinely distraught.

I arrived at work and made a coffee, went back to my desk and got my laptop out, then Trishna walked in which brought a smile to my face.

“Hey trouble” I greeted her.

“Hey animal” she replied and I laughed.

She sat beside me and we began talking flirtatiously and behaving like kids. I asked her what she was supposed to be doing today and she was clueless so I made her my assistant and gave her some admin to take care of, more and more people entered the office but noticeably not Gary.

People were asking about him but nobody knew, Trishna remarked that he was probably ashamed after we left abruptly asking him what the fuck he was doing, him ignoring us humming loudly while burying his face into Kelly’s sloppy creampied arse and pussy. Kelly holding his face down and telling us that this was his job, and that he cannot do anything else, followed by us scarpering like vampires at dawn.

I could feel eyes on me as Trishna giggled, prodded and spoke to me taking every effort for nobody else to hear what was being said like a mischievous schoolgirl. I tried to keep the outward appearance professional but she was clearly excitable and in our setting it showed.

As she returned from the restroom she shoved something into my blazer pocket, I put my hand in to take it out but she quickly covered my hand with hers and whispered into my ear, 

“No, just feel it and guess what I’m not wearing…” She said. 

I could feel heat from within rise up from my back to my neck, the blend of textures I could feel in my pocket could only be one thing, her facial expression and body language confirmed it, it was laced, cotton and small, she bit her lip, stared me directly in the eyes and muttered,

“I gotta have you again…” She said almost whispering.

I removed my hand from my pocket and said to her just loud enough for those nearby to hear, 

“Right, we have to go through your training plan and have a look at your assignment to see what we have to work towards, bring your stuff to meeting room 1 and I will join you in a sec.” In my most professional sounding voice.

She smiled at me as she left for the meeting room but I kept a straight face, I quickly booked the meeting room on the system and then busily made my way out.

As I approached the meeting room door which was at the very end of the corridor which is the furthest point from the main office. I removed Trishna’s underwear from my pocket, it was bright red like her blouse, she was wearing a short black leather skirt and heels, I was already getting hard remembering how sexy she is, seeing her underwear and smelling her flagrant natural aroma.

I opened the door and she was sat on the corner of the table facing me, she smiled perversely and opened her legs revealing her precious neatly formed vagina, I stepped in between her legs and kissed her deeply. She wasted no time unbuckling my trousers and removing my cock from under my boxer shorts, she then slithered down pushing me backwards and onto an awaiting chair while she knelt in front of me and started licking the length and girth of my cock teasing my tip momentarily before going back to the base to begin again.

I swung my head back and exhaled quietly as she finally wrapped her mouth around the tip of my cock and sucked me with wicked intent, no doubt that she had been observing Kelly’s technique as she also squeezed my shaft and stroked it in sequence with her head movements.

Her small mouth was stretched as she brought me to full extension, she pulled my hips up so I used the arms of the chair to raise myself up, she knelt up straight so I was now standing then she stood up, raised her skirt and sat back onto the edge of the table, parting her legs and staring seductively into my eyes, instinctively I stepped forward and guided my cock into her small pretty light brown and pink opening.

She reached around the back of my neck firstly resting her forehead against mine, then scooted her pelvis forward, locking onto my lips as I eased myself into her inch by inch. I got halfway inside her and moved my hands to her waist holding her tightly stomach to stomach smoothly gliding in and out of her tight warm vagina. I then slipped my hands beneath her arse so I fuck her with more vigour, her thighs opened up wider and her pussy slickened, her kisses turned wild and her juices allowed me to push deeper and more powerfully into her pussy.

Trishna was moaning in a whisper clearly trying to keep her voice down but it still felt loud to me, she was now kissing and licking my neck so fucking sexily I moved my arms so I could scoop under her thighs to grab her from beneath. Lifting her into the air I began to slam her body into mine, pushing my hips out to impale her on my solid manhood over and over and over again.

She squeezed hard as her arms wrapped around my shoulders holding on and biting into my neck as she tried her best not to scream out as the walls of her vagina clutched my shaft creating the friction my senses was craving. She went limp as I held her astride, the dead weight became heavier and after a few extra thrusts into her super tight but sopping wet pussy I had to put her back onto the table where she turned onto the foetal position allowing me to continue fucking her quivering carcas.

I watched her beautiful petite body as she tried to deal with the numerous shockwaves shooting through her as I attempted to prolong her orgasm for as long as I could, but when she put her hand against my stomach I knew it was a sign, she lifted her head and looked at me with an exhausted innocent look, clearly flustered and said,

“I need you to hurry up and cum in me before I scream.” Trishna said convincingly, I believed her.

I had stopped thrusting when she stretched her hand out to my stomach, I attempted to  reconvene but she asked me to wait as she shifted her legs down onto the floor stomach down on the table, arse up. I started slowly and murmured,

“Oooh God yes,” She squealed

I began to built back up my momentum. She held onto the table top and I unleashed myself on her pussy giving her pure unadulterated cock, every single inch of me while holding her petite hips and peachy light brown arse bouncing against my hips. Her head was flung backwards and she started pushing back into my waist, meeting me thrust for thrust.

Our hurried breaths were panting loudly, our bodies clapping together, low grunts and high shrieks was all that could be heard in the otherwise silent room. I could feel her getting more forceful and I liked it, I pulled her hips and sat back down onto the chair behind me, she took the hint and took hold of the arms of the chair and continued bouncing on my lap using the arms of the chair for leverage.

“Oh shit” I whispered.

Knowing I was nearing my threshold and she sat all the way down on my cock and began grinding against me moving her waist and arse in a circular motion, and dipping her lower back forward and leaning her shoulders and head back against me. I fondled her breasts and began playing with her clit when I came deep inside her warm pussy, she encouraged me to keep cumming telling me to fill up her pussy while taking over from me rubbing her clit when I was overcome by my orgasm. I was still weak and secreting my man serum into her lady lair, she began to jerk as she too was overcome by another orgasm. I took over the clit rubbing until her final few spasms and we ended up sitting there in a hot sweaty sticky entanglement of tired and soggy genitals.

As we regained our composure Trishna stepped up from my lap and quickly took her panties which was sticking out of my trouser pocket and put them on,

“These are going to be soooo soggy, yuck.” she said.

“I like my Trish covered cock, and I will wear it proudly.” I said as I laughed.

She was fixing her clothes and shuffling around uncomfortably,

“How much did you put in me?” she said,

“All of it”, I chuckled.

She smiled and we got ready to head back to the office.

“I definitely need to go to the toilet to get some tissues” she said as we left.

She stopped me briefly for a kiss, and then walked ahead allowing me to watch her cute arse swaying in her leather skirt as she walked, trying to prevent cum leakage enroute to the restroom. As she entered the restroom I continued straight on to the office, I could see the light on in Gary’s office but I didn’t notice until I was much closer that he was actually in there and so was Kelly.

I tried to sit down inconspicuously but as I pulled out my chair I heard my name being called out and an knock on the glass wall separating my desk and Gary’s office. I put down all of my papers and walked around and into Gary’s office closing the door behind me, Kelly smiled at me and asked how my morning was, I told her it had gone well but I had to give Trishna some work as I had no plan for her to work from.

Kelly apologised and said she has a plan for her today and asked where Trishna was, just then she was entering the office so I nodded towards her, Kelly looked then got up and excused herself go and see her.

As she left Gary asked me to close the door, so I did and sat down then he began to talk,

“I know you seemed a bit off last night,” he started.

“I don’t have any problem with you fucking my wife, you fuck her better than I ever could and she really enjoys herself when you do but I do enjoy doing what you saw, it’s my way of being involved and it’s not gay it’s just me giving my wife a bit of gratification.” He said.

I responded to him saying,

“I can’t help but feel dodgy about it, you literally licked my sperm out of your wifes arsehole, there is absolutely nothing heterosexual about that. I didn’t mention it being gay but you mentioning it shows there must be an element of it at very least, I have no issue with you being bisexual but I don’t want to feature in your activities even if it is indirectly as I am straight and don’t want to be part of your sexual exploits, we could fuck your wife together but as for us exchanging bodily fluids… No, I’m not comfortable with that!”

Gary stumbling his words replied,

“I’m not bisexual, I’m straight and I was sexually gratifying my wife, your sperm is irrelevant, I assure you I do not have any sexual thoughts or feelings about you, and do not consider what I do as being gay.” He answered abruptly.

I must have had a very telling look on my face as he sharply switched to telling me that we won’t be discussing it any further and thanking me for getting him home yesterday, he also told me that he had a good evening and so did Kelly, and that he and Kelly would like us both to come back for a repeat. I just told him that I might fuck his wife again but I don’t want him getting a kick out of my semen, he just bowed his head and turned away back towards his computer, and I left.

Back at my desk I continued with my work until Kelly and Trishna came back talking loudly and happily and Trishna sat back down beside me saying she has a plan now, a project and that I will now officially supervise her for Gary, Kelly popped her head round and said goodbye to us and then headed out.

“Guess what,” asked Trishna a couple of minutes later,

“I’m not wearing any knickers again… Kelly took them with her,” she continued.

“You dirty pair!” I answered back as she giggled quietly.

“I’m all clean now too… Kelly made sure of that…” she explained.

“How did you manage to discuss your work with all of that naughtiness going on?” I quizzed.

“We didn’t, she gave me the folder and told me while we were walking back… The whole time we were back there she just wanted to lick my pussy and she loved the creamy surprise, I’m really exhausted now!” she declared.

I told her about my conversation with Gary and she couldn’t comprehend the whole sperm thing, she just said she thinks it’s gay, and I just said I would let him wrestle that one out with himself.

Me and Trishna had lunch together and came back to the office, the day went rather quickly and it got to about 4pm when Gary walks over and tells Trishna that he has to take her somewhere, she looked at me and then back at Gary and told him that she is quite busy. Gary then leaned in so only myself and Trishna could hear and said that Kelly has asked him to take her shopping for office clothes. That got her off her seat quickly, and within a few minutes they were gone.

The rest of the day dragged but was very productive, minus the sexual distraction of a young apprentice in the office I am quite an efficient worker, first in and last out pretty much every day but as today drew to a close and the office dwindled to just me and Harry. At around 5:15pm I decided to call it a day, I told Harry I was leaving in 5 and he said he was heading out himself, we began packing up and but I popped into the toilet and by the time I returned he was gone, a trick to not have to load the dishwasher no doubt! I loaded it up, switched it on then grabbed my bag to leave when I heard the door swing open and the sound of the rapid walk of a woman in heels, I looked around and it was Kelly.

“I’m glad I caught you,” she said, as she walked toward me.

“I was just leaving,” I replied.

With my coat on and my bag in my hand, she took my free hand and led me into Gary’s office closing the door behind us.

“I woke up craving pussy, so I came here to get my lips on Trishna and got a mouthful of your spunk.Ever since then I’ve needed some cock, and I’ve been savouring this dirty pair of knickers all day.” Kelly says, pulling Trishna’s soiled lacey red knickers out of her pocket, pressing them onto her open mouth and inhaling deeply.

“I told Gary to take her shopping so I can come here after work and get my hands on you,” she continued.

She then sat down on Gary’s desk lifting her skirt and exposing her vagina to me, she pulled Gary’s chair out and placed her foot onto the seat so I could get a better view, I dropped my bag onto the floor and removed my coat, she began rubbing her pussy slowly and it was already making a sloshing sound,

“Have you been a naughty girl already?” I asked.

“I’ve been rubbing her all day thinking about this moment.” She replied.

“I’m dying for some attention, Trishna didn’t even touch my pussy, I need it!” She persisted!

I didn’t think for a second, I knew I was going to follow through with her wishes, Trishna kept me horny all day and even though I had a dose this morning I wanted more so I ran my hands up Kelly’s thighs and unbuckled my belt and trousers, letting them drop to my ankles.

Kelly snatched my tie pulling me towards her and kissing me forcefully before I broke away from her by pulling her hair back and planting kisses onto her neck. She breathed heavily still rubbing her pussy with one hand, clearly she was impatiently seeking that release so I squeezed her breast firmly through her blouse, pushed her backwards making her have to lean onto her elbows and crouched down in front of her kissing her repeatedly on her cliterous, two, three, four times pushing firmer and firmer with each kiss, her moistness was oozing through her labia and lubricating my lips as my kisses lowered to her opening and I introduced her to the warmth of my tongue.

Her hand gripped the back of my head as she moaned loudly in her husbands enclosed office within the empty open planned office floor he resides over, I licked her full length from her perineum to her clit four or five times before sucking her clit wholeheartedly leading her to shudder from the satisfaction, further confirming to me that she had been waiting all day working herself up to the point that what would have been a warm-up exercise had her spasming already. I tried to continue but she jerked more and then pushed my head away while trying to keep herself together.

“You came here to get some action right,” I said climbing to my feet and pulling down my underwear.

“Yes, but you can’t make me cum yet, after all of the masturbation today, I want that fucking cock.” She said through unsteady breath.

I was now teasing the tip of my cock between the lips of her juicy primed and ready pussy and said,

“As you wish.” I said.

I then began by pushing the tip of my cock into her, I leant forward and swept all of the shit within reach off of Gary’s desktop. As the stationery clattered onto the office floor I edged myself deeper into her vagina, Kelly took hold of my hips with her back against the desk and her shoulders elevated slightly, she looked me dead in the eye as I started to edge deeper still, building pace in the process causing Gary’s computer monitor to rock unsteadily on the desktop along with a few other articles also being moved by the transference of energy on the desk. Kelly’s knees were bent and her thighs were up by my hips, I felt as her wetness increase and it spurred me on to thrust harder, even harder than I did earlier with Trishna pausing while deep inside for a split second then repeating continuously speeding up each time until the whole desk was rocking from each thud.

Kelly was unreservedly letting her lungs go, I was grunting like a caveman, her wet pussy created a puddle on the desktop and she threw her hands up and behind her to grab hold of the other end of the desk knocking Gary’s in-tray onto the floor, her legs dropped as she couldn’t hold them up any longer but I could and kept going at her sweet pussy.

I lifted one of her legs over turning her onto her side and then onto her stomach giving her some strong thrusts bouncing my hips off of her plump pale arsecheeks, she held onto the desk tightly and yelled the place down. It got so loud I genuinely thought another floor would hear us and call for security, I had to pull her up onto her feet, hold her by the neck and ask into her ear if she wanted an audience with the security.

“I don’t fucking care, just keep fucking going, it feels so fucking good just fucking fuck me,” she demanded.

I was shocked at her reply but it made me want to fuck her harder, I couldn’t believe she was not going shut up, I knew I had to make her so I turned her body away from the desk and pressed her into the glass wall of Gary’s office which overlooked my desk pulling open and ripping her blouse in the process. She gasped deeply as I scooped her breasts from under her bra and squeezed them before pressing her warm breasts against the cold glass, and grabbing her by the neck again with one hand and covering her mouth with the other pulling her head backwards against my shoulder. I resumed my assault on her pussy with her body pressed up against the glass, I was fucking her with everything I had in me, both of her hands were planted on the wall and she was cocking her hips back and licking my hand covering her mouth.

The smell of her hair, the sound of her muffled moans, the thud of our bodies against each other and the glass, I heard a loud throaty gasp from her as I was reaching my end and saw her hand slide down the glass and reach for her clit, she began to cum which also triggered me as a chain reaction and her body dropped against mine as her legs momentarily gave up on her. I gave her as much as I could with what little energy reserves I had left considering her body was now contorted somewhat, and my load was spilling out of me like a shaken carbonated drink, then I kissed her neck one last time and told her,

“You are fucking crazy you nymph,” I said.

“I wish, I haven’t fucked a man in over 2 years and even before that it wasn’t very often, now I can’t get enough.” She replied in a worn out voice.

After a brief moment I pulled my semi flaccid cock out of her and stepped back to see the full extent of the mess we created, it was atrocious.

I started fixing myself up and mentioned about tidying up the place but Kelly said,

“Fuck that, Gary will come here in the morning, see the mess and it would probably excite the sad bastard, I’m gonna tell him that you choked me and roughed me up.” She smirked as she responded.

I reiterated that I thought she was crazy, and she continued,

“I’m going to tell him that you spat in my mouth, why didn’t you spit in my mouth? Next time I want you to spit in my mouth!” She said.

I couldn’t help but laugh at her perversion, and while holding her blouse together Kelly and I headed for the door, we left together and took the lift down to the lobby.

“I’ll give you a ride, I did make you late after all.” She said.

I agreed and we went to her car. I could see our cum dripping down her leg when I sat down and I pointed it out to her, she just smiled and explained,

“I want to look dirty when I tell Gary the story, thanks for the blouse by the way but I did like this one.” She said.

I told her about my conversation with Gary earlier and she added,

“That’s such a man thing to say, if you was his equal he would never lower himself to being your cum cleaner, you are a bull he is a sub that’s the hierarchy.” She said.

I told her the same thing I told Gary, which is that he can harbour whatever feelings he wants but the idea of me providing him with any form of sexual gratification does not sit right with me. I told her that I won’t participate in that scenario again and if she planned to feed him my semen again I would be done with her also. She was quite dismissive but she didn’t continue trying to convince me and dropped me off before heading home with her hair tangled, blouse ripped, no knickers on and cum dripping down her leg.

When I got in I saw a few messages from Trishna, she was happy about shopping with Gary and told me she has some sexy outfits to wear to work and she can’t wait. We sat messaging for a while and I told her about Kelly’s plan and her coming to the office after work. Trishna told me she has done that in University a few times after lectures, she would ask her to come to her office and then pounces on her, then I recieved a video message from Kelly…

I opened it and could see Gary sitting on the floor in front of his sofa listening to Kelly telling him the story of our office tirade, she was stood over him, skirt lifted Gary was clearly excited by her words and her appearance, this is when she then orders him to clean her up with his tongue. He refused at first,

“Jay doesn’t like me licking up his cum.” He said.

Suddenly and completely unexpectedly Kelly slapped Gary firmly across his cheek and authoritively commands him in a firm voice,

 “You listen to me and not him! You will obey me if you want to hear the rest of the story so clean me up, while I tell you about how your worker roughed me up and fucked me like a whore in your office.” She finished.

Gary then sheepishly leans forward and this is where I stopped watching the video. Disbelief, how did I walk into that mess? Trishna messaged me a couple of minutes later and it read ‘OMG guess what Kelly just sent me’… I knew exactly what!