The intimacy of lockdown

Author: Lutheran Maid

Annette would always have gone with Adam, if the chance arose. Even in non covid times her tight little leather hot pants encased a pussy aching for his cock and belching semen. That was just how it was. Back then we had been in the army. Adam was the commanding officer, Annette was the female adjutant to the batallion and I was the NCO that should never have had a chance with a classy cpatain like her. But I was earnest, professionally able and likely to earn a decent salary in IT when I left. So she married me when she left the service but still hankered for him. 

When Adam and his wife bought a cottage in our village, the better to help Penny look after her vulneable mother in pandemic times everything reignited. Penny would have her hands full looking after the elderly lady. We both knew that. We both knew too that after Adam chanced upon Annette in the village shop that he would start ‘dropping by’ at our place. 

‘I want you to call him and to have a honest conversation’ she told me crisply, ‘tell him that you know there is un finished business between he and I. Tell him that I always call his name when you lick me out’.

That wasn’t true! That fucking well wasn’t true. Annette called out no name, although I guessed she often thought about her old flame. 

‘I can’t do that! That’s fucking crazy!’ I snapped red faced. Well, it was fucking crazy. This was a difficult time, a risky time. I observed that Penny might be a mite irritated if whilst she nursed the old girl her husband was banging my wife. i said that, huffing and snarling at my wife in her leasther jeans and tight fitting blouse. 
‘Don’t be silly John. Penny isn’t a fool. Back in the regiment Adam always got to lay any wife that he wanted. That was the unwritten rule and dumpy Penny accepted it. Penny won’t make a fuss and neither will you. You will ask Adam to fuck me, and we will have our own kind of support bubble. He will drop by, sleep over and I will let you go down on me each morning. You will learn to thank him for fucking me…doing what you seem so incapable of since this retched virus has scared the shit out of you!’

I refused, of course I refused. Annette grew waspish and all sorts of things changed at our place. She forced me out of the bedroom and I spent the nights sleeping on the sofa downstairs. Meal times for me became sandwiches, she lost all interest in cooking. Thern the bank said that shre had chasnged the checking account. I didn’t feature on it anymore and as her superior income funded a lot of my debts that was a major problem. 

‘Well, are you ready now, to give Adam a call?’ she asked that evrening standing before in stockings and a skirt that was little more than a slouch leather belt. 

She smelled different. She smelled as if she was on heat. My wife was ovulating. I always knew because her scemnt changed then and she grew horny. She smelled that way, looked that way now, hand on hip, her Cartier watch chic on her wrist, something that Mummy had gifted her at Chistmas because Johh sent all his money to the credit card company. 

I nodded. ‘Just whilst the lockdown is on’ i protested. 

‘Just as long as Adam wants the arrangement this way’ she corrected, ‘he is still your commanding officer. In your head you’re still the fucking sergeant that you always were aren’t you?’

‘Yes’ i muttered fuming with anger and a growing self hatred. 

‘Yes M’am’ she corrected, reminding me of her former rank. once an officer always an officer. This is the way of things here. The fucking English are class ridden and yes that extends to bedrooms too.’Now lick my cunt nicely and tell me how you will accept Adam’ she instructed. 

I had not a clue how to relate to the man. Her was a civvy now. HE WAS A FUCKING CIVILIAN NOW! But I started to nuzzle and lick at Annette’s snatch. She had trimmed the cunt hair and it pouted, full lipped before me after I eased up the tight hem of her skirt. She smelled hypnotic. i had to lick her. i had to get my wet tongue between the luxurient folds of her sex lips and run it gratefully up and down. Men like Adam, successful men like Adam fucked pussy like this. They rammed their cocks inside, the woman begging for a baby. 

‘You can start by always addressing him as sir and me as madam can’t you John’ she suggested, running her sex casually against my mouth. If you kneel every time he enters our home that will signal to him that he can squirt down your throat if he wants to.’ Annette buckecd her cunt against my mouth. It was hard, her pubes like a beak  thrusting against my nose. 

‘I can’t…I can’t do that darling…i just can’t’ i whimpered, licking her luscious sex. 

‘Not at first, i know john, i know’ she soothed running her fingers through the mop of my hair. ‘But once you taste his spunk from inside me, once you smell it and become fixated, sucking cock for master won’t seem so terrible…’

I didn’t know her! I didn’t know what Annette was capable of. Her demand shockled me. Perhaps she and the other female officers talked like that, about the power of cunt, and the ascendency of sex over all other considerations. Perhaps when a dominant male took over and turned a wife into a bitch, then husbands always took the knee. Perhaps back in the military day there were a good few husbands, any and all rank, who were sucking cock to order and cementing the bedroom rules of the regiment. 

‘I’ll learn…I’ll try to learn’ I moaned, feeling intoxicated by her. 

‘You will, ‘ she giggled, ‘Penny sucks cock for Adam and his friends. You will become his bitch too and we’ll have such a sexy and cosy lockdown’.

I nodded, appalled and yet mesemerised by the prospect. 

‘Get winky out and tug on it’ she ordered.

I did as I was told and started to masturbate whilst licking her sex. She watched me, intrigued by the sudden capitulation. I must have fascinated her, licking eagerly at her wet sex.  

‘Always look up when you worship, Adam or I’ she instructed, ‘its sexier to see you submitting with your eyes that way.’ 

I looked up at her, her pale blue eyes and blonde fringer. I stared up a her pert breasts beneath the satin blouse. I glanced at her fingers when she presented them and then licked those too. 

‘Adam has run other husbands before John. He knows how to bend a man or else break him if he doesn’t come to pussy and cock as required’ she whispered. 

I wondered how. The man was imposing, he had a presence and he had big fists. He was loved in ter bataliion but feared as well. i blushed. i blushed with thre humiliation thinking about that. 

‘You need to squirt don’t you…you need this…weak men often do’ she whispered. 

I gasped. The breath caught in my throat. It caught like a virus grabbed me. I was weak, she was strong. She wanted his cock and would cripple our marriage to get it. 

‘Don’t love him…just fuck him’ i pleaded tugging at my cock. 

‘Don’t be silly John…you can’t dictate that can you? When I climax on him the rules all change’ she warned. 

I ejaculated. Thick splattering loads of creamy semen belched from my cock and onto te leather of her boots. She watched it with a mixture of horror and power. Look, look how fucking weak the tosser really is! Why did you wait so long? 

‘You’d better lick that up hand’t you…then you can call Adam and ask him nicely to come and be the man of the house’ she said.