The casual control of a lover

Author: Lutheran Maid

Lucien wears the pants in our house and John knows it. There’s never been any real fuss about that. Not since Lucien tried it on with me at a party, found me receptive and then took me whilst my husband stared lamely out at the summer house where Lucien and I got it on. I suppose that a husband sizes up the risks, assessing the physique of the other man. Lucien was fitter than John, physically more imposing with a confident and arrogant manner about him. I suppose John watched how I climaxed on Lucien that night and realized that to object would be pointless. Once I had tasted this particular fruit, then there was no escaping Lucien’s tree of knowledge, the trunk that he brought to essential matters. I remember coyly asking John afterwards if he was going to fight Lucien. I had imagined that there would be a terrible scene and probably fisticuffs, but John just blushed and admitted that there was no point. Lucien had fucked me good and proper and as he was having problems satisfying me….well. 

I’ve read a share of cuckolding experiences and the one thing i realiae is that no two are alike. There are no stereotypical husbands, no standard bulls in such affairs and each arrangement evolves in its own way and through a course of time. i wanted to talk about arrangements, I suppose to try and protect John, but he was too withdrawn, too subdued I suppose to really discuss matters honestly. so Lucien started dating me and John kind of pretended to himself that this was all very simple and all quietly contained. Form the start i always insisted on bringing Lucien back to the house after a date and sharing a nightcap. i didn’t want an arrangement whereby we sneaked around. John was sometimes still up when we got back and then matters were a little awkward. Youcould only ask so much about a club, a meal or film and then John’s conversation was done. Lucien’s solution was to firmly announce that we were going up to bed then and John would nod dumbly and watch as Lucien led me up the stairs. We never locked the master bedroom door. i couldn’t stop myself climaxing noisily on Lucien’s cock, so John missed little even if he didn’t stand and watch us! Then Lucien would stay over the night and we would make love whilst John bedded down in the little box room next door. It was Lucien’s suggestion that I slip next door to be licked out after sex. He said that John would learn to cope better that way and I suppose that he did. At any rate her always waited nicely, awake, stroking his cock as I settled my wet pussy down on his face and indulged what seemed to me the dirtiest, the most sensual oral sex dessert orgasm that way. 

Cuckold sex is heart intimate. That is what i have learned anyway. The sexual customs, the intimacies exercise emotions, feeling of lover and regard in an extremely personal and emotional way. I found that after John licked out my sex, after he had ejaculated uselessly into the air or down the sink he was more able to talk. It was as if the shame eased back a little. It was as if he was willing to see me afresh, not as his old wife, but as someone new and very assertive, insistent on decent sex now. Did i ‘love’ Lucien John needed to know? I thought for a moment and said yes, of course. I didn’t do mechanical sex and this wasn’t a gym exercise! Did that mean that I loved John less? I said that I suppose that i did. It wasn’t that i dismissed him entirely (of course I didn’t!) but it did mean that I respectecd him less. He had capitulated so easily and may be women were programmed to despise a man who wouldn’t fight for them? May be it was primal in that kind of way? John wondered whether I would leave him and he was terribly relieved when i said no. As long as he was content to be less, to be a licky pussy, then I supposed that for now at least i was content to keep him on. I said in any case Lucien liked me to ‘bitch my husband’. John frowned. ‘To treat you as pathetic’ i said quietly. 

I’m pretty sure that John didn’t need to be humiliated. I mean it wasn’t a kink for him. It was somethimng that happened to him, something that he would have to learn to accept. Lucien wanted John humiliated. Lucien wanted John to feel very insignificant, something menial and supplemerntal in our life. He was refreshingly frank asbout that and to my surprise i found it thrilling. I mean, Lucien weas such a dominant man. He didn’t hider his arrogant expectations for fear of causing offence. So that started to drive the rerlationship. Lucien demanded that John watch us fuck and that he masturbate when he did so. He wanted to see my husband’s face crease with envy, with shame, as he watched me loose control on Lucien’s cock. When John ejaculated uncontrollably Lucien certainly enjoyed our sex all the more and that in turn made me feel really horny. Afterwards John had to lick me out and lick Lucien’s cock clean. It was an etiquette thing. I loved watching John lick and suck cock. Lucien’s member is big and creamy brown, in that fabulous mixed background way that often attracts women. and John lapped all the stickies off it like a good little cuck. 

What came to define our kind of arrangement though came later, a couple of months into my affair with Lucien. Lucien has a lot of very chic, very liberal, very arty friends and he wanted to bring them aroumnd to our house. If you have to put it crudely ( do you really need to?) it was a case of showing me off as his bitch and equally importantly, showing off John as the beaten faggot. So we would have parties, for say ten or twelve people, little drinks and eats get togethers. There was a lot of intimacy. Lucien touched me, held me freely in front of John. He  kissed me casually and i coyly held his hand and gave him what i admit were adoring looks. John had to pretend that this was all fine. i mean he had to pretend that he wanted this too, to have Lucien as the man of ther house. Some of the girls at the party were really curious and quizzed John relentlessly. Did he wank a loyt becaiuse I was with Lucien now? It was as direct as that! I think that they wanted something similar of their own. They wanted a lover and to own a beta male of some kind. It was like a fashion, the crowd moving on from owning French bulldogs or something like that. 

The casual sex followed. I always wore a short skirt for Lucien. No panties, no impediments and then sometimes, at the party if we’d all drunk enough, smoked enough, then Lucien would fuck me up against the wall whilst othersw laughed, chatted and kissed casually. It was quick alfresco, no holds barred sex, Lucien thrusting me so that my pert breasts jiggled. Then Lucien would glance at John and down he would have to go, to lick up my dirtty little pussy whilst the others watched amused. 

‘Would he do it anywhere, i mean if Lucien fucked you on a train or something?’ Maggie asked. 

We all laughed. Of course she meant if Lucien took me to the toilet and fucked me. So i said yes. Lucien was teaching John to abandon silly self esteem. It was best that way because Lucien and i needed a great deal of sex, you know, with our own little supplicant on tap.