Life with a cuckold tiny penis and thereafter…

Author: Siren 

Let me tell you about my greatest act of seduction and the best experience of my life. Yes when this happened I was in my mid-thirties. We were staying in my husband’s Government Quarters in Nahur area of Central Mumbai. Nahur is in fact between Mulund and Vikroli. My husband, Sudhakar was working in IOC at Kalanagar, Bandra East. I was a home maker and never wanted to work. I believed in taking care of house and kids. But… where were kids? No unfortunately I had no children even five years after marriage.

Let me introduce my anatomy to all of you. I was always a plump girl since school days. Chocolate face, round, full cheeks. I was around five three, Right after I matured at age of thirteen, my boobs started to grow in arithmetic proportion. I could see weekly the size was increasing as all my school dress were becoming tight at top. My mother was fed up of loosening the dressed often. By the time I finished my tenth I had a big 34C cup! Sensing my tendency to put on weight my mother put me to a yoga class which was run by a lady in a temple nearby. I was a quick learner and soon learnt all important asanas which helped me to reduce waist but not bosom. Thus Yoga made my boobs to appear much bigger. So I used to wear loose clothes, cover my top with dupatta so that evil eyes will not fall on me. I finished my graduation. I could sense many pair of eyes admiring me but never ventured in to any friendship with boys.

An year I was at home and was married off to a not so bad person who had a government job in Mumbai. The initial days was very good. Newly wed couple, new place ! I liked all. But I hardly realized that what I was getting as wife on bed was not really what I was supposed to get. My husband, Manoj – his name, was good to look at no doubt. Any girl would have fallen for his looks. But he lacked what a man has to feel proud of. Yes it was his dwarf penis. First night I could not control my laugh for which he got annoyed. It took me few minutes to locate his weapon when he got nude. Finally, he helped me to locate that tiny toy. But yes even tiny toy could get some erection and spit few drops of semen in my hand although he could not enter me. The first night was repeated every day, every week since last four years. I in fact believed that sex means what he was doing that is, few drops in my palm, a few kisses and sucking of my boobs like a child. I resigned to this life blaming it on my fate till…..

It was a hot afternoon in Bhandup market where I had gone for purchases. I purchased few dress materials, a saree. Long back I had stopped wearing bra as I was allergic to the elastic band which was leaving deep red rashes on my shoulder and back. In fact, it did not alter my looks as I had very stout, erect 38 B breasts with pointed nipples. Yes, sometimes I used to get embarrassed as many would ogle at my nipple through the dress. So I had to regularly correct my dupatta and cover my boobs.

I took a slow local from Bhandup to Nahur in first class compartment. I saw a man sitting opposite to me. I just had a cursory glance at him and found him to be very handsome person. His broad shoulder, good complexion, piercing eyes, ripping muscles made him took like some TV hero. But soon I turned towards the window and looing outside. The wind was strong, and I observed it late that my dupatta had slid aside and that person’s eyes were fixed on my bosoms. I looked at him and he smiled. I soon corrected and Nahur Station arrived. I got up to get down and, on the platform, I noted that one of my bags was missing. As the train started, I tried to alight again, but that person stopped me, and he had my bag in his hand. He also had got down at Nahur. I thanked him as he introduced himself as Rakesh and extended his hand. I took and we shook short and I again thanked him. We walked together and left station. He asked where I stayed, and I told that I was staying at Nirmal Lifestyle. He had a bike and offered to drop me there as he also stayed nearby. I hesitated but the sun was strong. So, without a second word I sat pillion on his bike and within minutes he dropped me at my apartment. For courtesy I invited him for a cool drink as it was too hot that day. He looked at me and then parked his bike and followed me.

Inviting him I requested him to be seated and switched on fan. Going to the kitchen I brought Cold drinks from fridge and made two glasses. I sat opposite to him and he spoke about himself. He was a dress designer who made dresses, blouses for movies and TV serials. He told that he has a big set up near Vikroli wherein several qualified tailors work under him and is now well to do. I just told about my staying as a lone wife without any activity except for yoga. He asked as to whether I purchased clothes for dresses as he had seen my bag. I nodded and he offered to stitch my dresses. I thought why not and agreed. I gave my one of the dresses and one blouse for reference. Rakesh asked if he could take my measurement as they are used to stitch perfect and would be entering the measurement in the computer program which will automatically cut the cloth. I had no option and I brought a tape and a book for him.

As the windows of hall was facing my opposite flat, I asked him to take measurements in bedroom and lead him in. Once inside, he took measurements professionally, shoulder, length, sleeve, arm hole and then came bust line. Positioning tape around my breasts he stood on my back and measured loudly as 38+. Was there an exclamation in his voice? I had developed goose bumps all over when his hand circled me. This has never happened to me earlier at any time. I felt my body heat was increasing and I felt feverish. I had dropped my dupatta. Rakesh was standing on my back and his hands slowly dropped the tame and cupped my breasts. Oh! It was just my feeling. But Rakesh was standing at a distance and told that the measurements are over, and he will tell when the dress and blouse are ready. He left in another five minutes.

After he left, I was feeling lonely as usual. I sat on the sofa and switched on TV. But my mind was elsewhere. How bright was the house when he was here! I remembered how my body heated up on his touch. Did he really touch my breasts? I didn’t know. But I was sure that he would have realized that I had no bra.  I had never felt so much excited, so much wanting for a male company earlier. I didn’t know what is in store for me. I thought I will leave it to destiny. Maybe he will send the dress with someone? Who knows? Maybe he will ask me to collect from somewhere? Who knows? I prepared a cup of coffee and again tried to concentrate mind on a TV Show. But could not. Mind was racing to all unknown places. Imagination, fantasies and mental excitement. Thinking of such imaginary happenings for the first time in my life I felt too wet between my thighs and in fact I had experienced severe wetness. I had to change my undies. Why it happened? I had no answer. Why at all was I feeling something different. Some excitement as if I have worn a prize or passed an exam? No answers.

Next two days went as usual with house hold works, speaking to neighbors, resting, TV and occasionally thinking about Rakesh. Next day it was afternoon and was a bit hotter. I switched on AC and tried to get some sleep. Why I got wetness that day was my question. Has it got something to do with the touch of Rakesh on my body? Why I imagined his hands on my boobs? I touched my nipples again and smiled. Yes they were fully erect and like black berry. But sad that only my fingers were there to feel them. The bell rang disturbing my thoughts and fantasy. Cursing some vendor or a courier boy, I opened the door only to see Rakesh standing there with his trademark smile. I invited him and he sat on the sofa. I gave him water and sat opposite to him. Immediately I noticed that few hooks of my gown had opened up as I was playing with my boobs and nipple lying on bed just before his arrival. It was a bit late as Rakesh had already seen my exposed bosoms. I went in and corrected the hooks, put on a dupatta and returned.

Rakesh gave me packet containing my stitched dress and blouses. He asked me to try and tell if they are correct.

I took the packet from Rakesh and went to the bedroom. Already I was feeling too feverish and somewhat excited. No reason could be explained. I tried the dress first. It was the perfect fit I ever wore in my life. All fittings cent percent correct. The top portion was specially stitched for me or so it seemed. My braless boobs sat in the cups in correct position and shape accentuating the beauty. I felt the neck bit deeper than my usual but on a relook in mirror it looked very nice, just two inches of my cleavage was visible. Then I wanted to try the blouse. So I removed the top of dress and still wearing bottom of the dress I tried the blouse. It was a princess cut type with a cup to support my boobs. I felt the sleeves bit tight but nevertheless I pulled up and wore the blouse. It had tie back threads at neck and at lower rib. Apart from these two threads the back was completely open. But the cup fitting was very good. Similar to dress he had made the front neck very deep showing off much of my top portion. I felt bit annoyed but without my knowledge I smiled at myself in mirror.

I tried to remove the blouse but as the sleeves were tight I could not. I tried very hard several times but it was not possible. So I had to call Rakesh inside to help. I was not only shy but was highly excited because when he helps me to remove the blouse automatically, I will be topless at least for some time. That thought again gave goose bumps and an automatic wetness in my vaginal walls. Let me see what happens, I was now bolder. Rakesh entered the bedroom after knocking. As he entered I could not even speak properly. I was in blouse and bottom of the dress. My belly, back, navel were all exposed. I stammered and told that the sleeves are very tight and I cannot remove. He came near and checked. Apologizing for  the mistake he told that he will remove a stitch and it will be fine. But the problem was I was not able to remove. I told him and he told that he will close his eyes and then help me to remove and I can immediately put on the tops or dupatta. I liked his suggestion and appreciated his good manners.

But what I really wanted? He closed his eyes as he approached me and I extended my arm. He unknotted the threads and then pulled one sleeve slowly. It was in fact very tight. While trying his fingers touched my right boob and I got a shock of my life. In a second I asked him to open eyes and then try. I don’t know why I said so, but just thought it may help to remove easily. Now he had opened his eyes and pulled the right sleeve. It came out with little force and exposed my breasts completely. I just tried to cover them with my arm and he worked on the left sleeve and removed it. By this time I was breathless and felt I was about to fall down. I held Rakesh for support. He held me and tried to make me stand straight. But I fell down on the bed and Rakesh fell on my top. He was saying sorry but I pulled his hand and placed on my right breast. Rakesh needed no second invitation. He held my breast and started squeezing. I closed my eyes and Rakesh kissed me on lips. I opened my mouth inviting him for a long very long and wet deep kiss, probably my first ever such kiss. I pulled up his tee shirt. He had broad chest and I circled my arms around his back and pulled him to me. We melted in hundreds of kisses, while his chest was grinding on my boobs.

Pulling his face Rakesh took my nipple in his mouth and started to suckle one by one. I urged him to remove his pant and helped him to undo his undies. Rakesh reciprocated my actions and we were now both completely nude. Two hot nude bodies clinging, hugging and kissing were on the bed which creaked mildly to the combined weight of us. Rakesh guided my hand to hold his phallus. Wah! having trouble in locating Manoj’s penis, Rakesh was a huge one.  When I held his weapon there was clear an inch gap between my thumb and fore finger. I further lowered my hand to hold his sacs which were much more bigger almost competing with my boobs. With all love and lust I caressed all along the shaft due to which he grew much bigger and fatter. Rakesh was continuously feeding on my nipples one after the other. I pulled him up and locked his mouth with mine. Our tongues intermingles like mating snakes. There was no end to the kisses. Both melted in each other’s mouth, exchanging our saliva which added to the excitement.

Rakesh now placed his hand on my pussy and slowly locating the right spot started to rub. Changing the speed constantly, reducing increasing he inserted his fingers in and continued his magic inside my vaginal walls. I was continuously squirting on his busy hand and hit orgasms repeatedly. I could no more wait and started to beg him to enter me. Obliging my request Rakesh centered himself and slowly lowered. Due to high lubrication, although initially the big ping tip went in easily it was obstructed by my hymen. Rakesh was surprised and was happy too that I was still a virgin.  I raised my legs and pulled him in and in one jerk the copulation was complete. There was just a small pain and bleeding but within no time it was a pleasant one. Rakesh was moving up and down, in and out of my wet pussy. I didn’t count the time or strokes but was enjoying each second of our union. After long he changed position and asked me to be on his top. I didn’t know but he guided me. Keeping my knees on his either sides I lowered myself on to his huge erection slowly and completely till his testicles touched my pussy.

It seemed a miracle how nature teaches everything. I was gyrating on his phallus, up, down and rotating clockwise and anti clockwise, again in and out. We indulged in kisses for break when I was resting my breast on his chest and Rakesh was caressing my thighs, back and play with my spread hair. We changed position again and now Rakesh made love in silence except for my moaning. Time appeared still but the darkening sky outside was the only indication. I might have cum a million times, my thighs were wet, sheet was drenched with the combined juices of our love making. Finally, Rakesh ejaculated deep inside me all his boiling hot, thick semen depositing his seeds in my fertile land. We lay attached for a long time, as I rested on Rakesh with my head on his chest. When we got up lot of pools of wetness and spots of blood were on the sheets. We heartily laughed. Rakesh grabbed me for kisses. It was getting dark outside. He dressed and I wore a gown. I prepared hot coffee and he was sitting in the hall.

We had coffee together and Rakesh got up to leave. At the door we hugged and kissed. I just placed my hand on his groin which was bulging again. Curiously I pulled his zipper and inserted my hand as Rakesh stool silent. Yes, he was hard again. I loosened his belt and lowered his pant and underwear. His majestic tool sprang to life much longer, much fatter and much harder. I sat on my knees and kissed that beautiful pestle which was ready again to grind inside my mortar, I licked the pink strawberry in round and round motion and took his entire length slowly in my mouth. Holding his testicles in my hands I took his huge penis in and out of my hot mouth. He grabbed me now and carrying on to the carpet he made me to lie on the ground and came on me. I was too glad and hungry to receive him again. The second time was much more exciting. I was still soaking wet with his secretions inside me intact. Initial hesitation had vanished. We made love only in missionary position for a long time. It was pitch dark outside when we climaxed together. Also Majoj’s returning time was about half an hour. So, we bid goodbye and he left.

That night I had most contended, satisfied sleep. That day, the day when I was transformed from a virgin to a woman will be remembered for ever. Next day I woke up late and Manoj was surprised and enquired about my health. I just told that I had headache and could not sleep well at night. I hurriedly prepared breakfast and Manjo’s tiffin. He left at ten.  I took bath. When the hot water touched my body I felt irritation on my breasts at all places where Rakseh’s teeth marks were there. Few were in fact very deep. I touched them with all love. My lips were bruised. But I was ready for more such bruises. I wore a short and a crop top. After light make up I dialed Rakesh. The number was not reachable.  So, I wet down to preparing lunch and dinner. Then my neighbors came, and we spent full two hours talking.  I was again getting sleep after lunch. But my sleep was taken away by Rakesh. At two in the afternoon, Rakesh came to give me the repaired blouse. I went inside the bedroom and he followed me. This time I had no hesitation at all and I removed my crop top and stool topless. Rakesh put on the repaired blouse and now it was perfectly fitting. I removed the blouse and pulled Rakesh and pushed my nipples in his mouth. My hand could feel his already rock-hard bulge on his jeans. I placed my palm fondly and pressed. Loosening his pant I undressed him and his larger than life penis sprang up. I had determined to compensate for all the time lost in my life. Not to lose any opportunity became my motto. Similar to first day we had fantastic sex two times and when Rakesh left my house it was seven in the evening.

Next day I gave a deep thought of whether to tell Manjo or not.  Finally I decided that I will have a frank talk with him and inform that I have an affair and I also desire to be a mother. Will it be as easy as I thought was my question. Anyway I had to muster all courage. Afterall he may become angry or propose to divorce. I was ready for both as my present life had nothing for me. Manoj came home at nine. After dinner he was sitting in the drawing room. I sat opposite to him and told that I had some important talk with him. He was attentive. In simple words I told him that “Manoj, you know and I know how is our married life. You are not happy because of your own reason and I am unhappy because of your reason. He asked “So, what to do?” I further spoke “ see Manoj, I like you and love you as a person. But being a woman I also have my own desires, ambitions and physical needs. I don’t want to leave you by a divorce as I don’t believe in it. Further I don’t think any other woman would come forward to marry and take care of you once she knows your issue” He nodded his dead. I continued “ Manoj, let me confess, I am in an affair since a week. He is a nice person. I would like to continue to meet him with your permission and I know you will not say No. Also as a woman I have my right to be a mother and I wish to become a mother through my partner. That is all I wanted to tell you. Please note Manoj, I am telling you and not asking your permission. I hope you will understand me. Unexpectedly Manoj did not express any anger but smiled and told that he was happy that I could find a partner myself. In face he himself wanted to suggest me to have someone for company. His eyes were wet which he was hiding. He said he always felt sorry for me. But I also felt very sad and sorry for Manoj who for none of his fault was born like what he was and missed all enjoyment and thrill  of life. But I could not help, I hoped that with a child in home he will feel happy,

Next three months I almost had sex with Rakesh three or four times a week. Naturally I conceived and delivered a beautiful baby girl.