The Awakening of Mary

Author: Seymour

At the start of this I would have described my wife as a loving wife and mother who was quiet, demure, definitely on the prudish side, innocent, reserved and sexually, quite repressed really. Don’t get me wrong I loved her dearly and we had a few fun sessions over those 20 or so years of marriage but all very conventional.

How would I describe her now? As the most wanton, promiscuous, debauched woman a man could hope to be married to and our love for each other has grown massively since starting this journey.

Here’s how it happened and what our trip to the heights of sexual depravity has been like so far:-

It was coming up to my 50th birthday and Mary asked what I would like as a present. I thought about it for a while and whilst having little hope of getting a yes asked if she would pose for some professional glamour shots.

We had, like most couples these days I would imagine, shot a few photos in the bedroom, on my phone, but I’m hardly a great photographer. In fact I’m a useless photographer so the results were not exactly stunning or if I’m really honest, sexy. Also it had been an uphill struggle to get Mary to pose. Even though it was only the two of us Mary was acutely embarrassed and only once did I even get her to take her bra off. No way would she pose for me without her knickers on.

So it was that I was expecting a resounding no. I had laid it on about it being a very special birthday, being my 50th and all, and how I still thought she looked really glamorous and it would be super to have that preserved for the future. I suppose that was enough of a lever to get her to actually discuss it and not ban the idea outright. She asked what exactly I had in mind and not wanting to push my luck I said just glamour shots, boudoir style in some sexy lingerie.

“I haven’t got any sexy lingerie” she replied. That was true. Can’t remember how many years it had been since I had seen her in anything lacy or sexy.

“That’s not a problem” I said “we can go online and buy you something or pop into town and look in the lingerie shops”.

“No way am I wandering around a store buying that sort of underwear” she said “too embarrassing”

Not sure I agreed and I didn’t argue the point but it gives you an idea of how prudish she was (note the operative word was). I said we could look on line together and choose something I liked and that she was prepared to wear. “I’ll think about it” she retorted.

Mary says:-

I didn’t consider myself a prude (although I’ve since learned that most people who knew me did) and I did enjoy the sex with Dan, it’s just that I couldn’t see the attraction of dressing up to have sex or of playing games. Anyway I mulled it over and as it was such a special birthday very reluctantly agreed to do it. A decision that turned both our lives on their heads.

I was amazed that Mary had said yes so, before she had time to change her mind, I hit Google to find a photographer. It seemed not all of them would do boudoir shoots and some others sounded very seedy but I eventually booked one who sounded pleasant and would hopefully put Mary at ease.

Oh hell! What have I done? What was I thinking when I said yes? I can’t do this. Take my clothes off in front of a stranger? I don’t even go topless on the beach. No, it wasn’t even fun doing them ourselves if I’m honest.

I was, though, surprised to find myself in some strange way quite excited at the thought of doing it in front of a stranger but really? No way!

Unfortunately, we were not able to fix an immediate date to do it so it gave Mary time to get cold feet and she asked me to cancel. I was really disappointed but phoned the photographer, Sam, to tell him. He was very sympathetic and understood but suggested that we still kept the appointment as my birthday was involved and Mary could just have a few portrait shots done. She could see how comfortable she felt in front of a camera and if she wanted to we could progress to some glamour shots. He assured us it could stop at the portrait shots or continue, entirely at our discretion.

Another lengthy chat with Mary (I did mention the bit about the possibility of it going beyond portraits but didn’t labour the point) she agreed although I had little hope that she would pose for anything remotely sexy.

Anyway the day arrived. We had spent quite a lot of time online buying Mary lingerie. She kept saying “But I’m not likely to be posing like that” but I convinced her that it was hardly wasted as I enjoyed seeing her wearing it anyway and she could have it as an early birthday present.

Too right I wasn’t posing wearing scanty underwear in front of a stranger. Embarrassing enough when Dan tried to photograph me. I was stupid to say yes in the first instance. I had by now convinced myself there was no way on gods earth I would ever have the wish or the courage to strip off in front of another man.

So we arrived at Sam’s studio with Mary somewhat nervous even though she was probably only going for a portrait shoot, I think it showed how nervous she was just to be in front of a camera. (Sam had told us virtually everyone he shot started out thinking it was worse than going to the dentist but by the end of the session actually started enjoying it.)  Sam opened the door and ushered us in and it was reassuring, especially for Mary, that he had a very pleasant easy going attitude. He sat us down and got us a coffee and we just chatted for a while. I could see Mary beginning to relax and I was beginning to harbour the hope that she might be prepared to pose in her lingerie. Secretly I would have loved her to pose naked and even in some porn style shots but I knew that was just wishful thinking.

After a while Sam suggested Mary start to do some posing for the portraits. We had obviously brought loads of clothes as well as the underwear but Sam suggested she pose as she was – sweater and jeans. She had spent ages doing her make up that morning and what I considered a fortune the previous day on her hair but Sam thought as it was only going to be head and shoulders there was little point in changing and he usually found if models were dressed down they felt less self conscious.He did various poses with her standing and sitting then got her sitting in a chair elbows on knees and hands under her chin. Given how Mary was leaning forward and that the vee neck of her fairly loose fitting sweater was gaping open she was revealing a great deal of cleavage (she is a C cup). Sam called me over to look at the picture on the back of the camera. “Wow, that’s sexy Mary. Come and have a look” I said calling Mary over.

Sexy? What’s he talking about? I’m wearing a jumper and jeans. I went over to look at the image on the back of Sam’s camera. Christ, bloody man has got me so he’s looking down my top. I could even see the top of my bra. Bloody pervert. I’m out of here. But even as that thought went through my mind I also noticed a strange tingle definitely where there shouldn’t be a tingle of any description.

She looked and blushed, but I caught a glimpse in her eye that seemed to indicate she liked it.

“Want to do more?” Sam asked.

“More what?” retorted Mary.

“Well, something a little more sexy, you did bring some lingerie didn’t you?”

“ Well, yes. But I’m not a tart. You think that’s sexy? It’s bloody perverted. Looking down my top.”

“Oh come on Mary” I pleaded. “It’s only for me. No one else is ever going to know and we aren’t getting younger. It would be incredible to have some glamorous images of you”

“Glamorous OK, Porn no. Alright? OK I’ll do it” A very hesitant yes from Mary and the suggestion that she change started probably one of the most sexually charged afternoons (up to that point) in our lives.

Did I really just agree to having photographs taken in my underwear? I walked to the changing room like someone walking to the scaffold. I can’t tell you the mixed emotions. It was Dans 50th I was doing this for, I kept telling myself, so it’s a one off. He’s been a loving husband so perhaps I should do as he wants, but can I? With every fibre tingling (Hang on. Every fibre? Yes. Why on earth should every fibre be tingling? I don’t want to do this. Do I? Something deep inside was saying I did). I changed into what I hoped was the least revealing set of lingerie Dan and I (well, mainly Dan, I just vetoed some of what I regarded as the more revealing sets) had chosen on line, put on a robe and went back out, shaking like a leaf.

Mary came out of the changing room modestly covered with a dressing gown/kimono type thing (not very good at ladies fashions!) visibly shaking. On Sam’s suggestion she was going to start with some glamour shots still in her robe. I wondered which lingerie set she had chosen, some being quite a bit more revealing than others. I suspected it would be the least revealing red set. The bra was quite lacy but a full cup and not that see through whilst the knickers were a sort of French style with fairly tight legs and plenty of coverage. There was obviously a matching suspender belt and stockings to complete the outfit.

To settle her down Sam did a whole load of shots of her with the robe on, gradually getting her to let it open a little more. It was proving right to get a good professional to do this. He obviously knew how to make models relax in front of the camera.

At last he suggested removing the kimono and that proved me right about the underwear but that was probably the last time that day I foresaw what was going to happen.

Mary’s face was a strange mix of nervous anxiety and anticipation. Sam started her off in simple poses as she was so stiff and self conscious and even I could see the photos were not going to be sexy but Sam persevered and slowly I could see that my beloved wife was gradually beginning to get in the mood, adopting various poses with direction from Sam. After a while he asked how comfortable she felt and she nodded saying she was OK and it was actually quite fun!

Great, I thought wonder what’s next.

“Ok” said Sam “how do you feel about taking your bra off?” Now, probably to a lot of you that would not seem a big deal but Mary had never even gone topless on a Mediterranean beach when virtually every other woman was, so I wondered how she would react.

Take my bra off? In front of a stranger? No way. Christ it was nerve racking enough standing here in my undies anyway. That was my immediate reaction but even as I was thinking that I realised I was moistening up between my legs. What? No, I can’t be. Seriously? Am I finding this sexy? I had to reluctantly admit to myself I was. So, instead of saying no I nodded and awaited Sam’s directions.

“Ok ” he said obviously seeing the fear on my face “let’s go slowly. Turn your back on me, unclip your bra, take it off then when you are ready turn round”

Ready? Ready? I thought. I’ll be frozen to the spot for eternity. The mixed feelings shooting through me were totally contradictory. My head was saying stop, get dressed and go home. My heart, or more accurately my libido (amazing really, I didn’t think I had one) was saying YES show everything. (Yes, everything. My mind was actually saying, grow up dear. Be a REAL woman) I turned my back on them and reached up behind myself and unclipped the two fasteners. I could hardly unclip them, I was shaking so much. I hunched my shoulders and shrugged the bra straps off holding the cups in place over my breasts. I still wasn’t sure what I was going to do next when out of nowhere that thought re-entered my mind. I’m in my 40’s not getting younger. What the hell. Dan was obviously supportive. Go for it. So I did. I took my hands off my breasts, let the bra fall to the ground, swivelled round on my heels, put my hands on my hips, adopted what I hoped was a sexy pose and pouted. Oh My God. At that point I realised my knickers were really getting very wet.

I waited with baited breath. Her hands came behind her unhooking the two clasps, she hunched her shoulders and just let the bra fall to the floor. She stood like that for a good few seconds and I wondered if she would turn but then she swivelled on her heels putting her hands on her hips, shoulders back, pouted lips and a blaze of sexuality in her eyes I’m not sure I had ever seen before. She took her hands off her hips and squeezed her breasts looking directly in my eyes. God, if it made her feel half as horny as it made me feel she was definitely enjoying it.

Sam continued to shoot giving instructions and making the poses ever so slightly more provocative all the time although either Mary didn’t realise or did and was content to go with it.

“How about losing the knickers” Sam suddenly asked. I expected a flat refusal but instead heard Mary huskily reply

“Why not? `in for a penny in for a pound.” With that she pushed her thumbs under the waistband of her knickers pushed them down and stepped out of them, screwing them up into a ball and throwing them to me. I really couldn’t believe this. My wife, standing stark naked in front of another man. God it made me horny. Sam got her to pose sitting in the big armchair and then asked her to throw her legs over the arms. I really, really didn’t thing she’d do that but hardly a moments hesitation she followed his instructions and didn’t even bother to cover herself with her hands.

The next 15 minutes were a bit of a blur. I really can’t remember much, it was like being drunk. I was totally intoxicated with the sexually charged feeling coursing through me. Totally unknown, I’d never experienced a feeling like it but boy was I enjoying it!  Like coming out of a dream I suddenly came back to reality when I realised I was stark naked apart from my stockings and suspenders and had my legs as wide apart as possible with Sam and his camera literally inches away, shooting for all he was worth. This could and should have been the time when I came to my senses and rushed back to the changing room to cover up but that was the Old Mary. The Mary of a couple of hours ago. Now I just wanted and needed this experience to continue and intensify.

By this time I have to admit I was rock hard and would desperately have loved to have been able to get my cock out and stroke it but didn’t think I should.

Sam was now down in his knees with his camera inches away from Mary’s nest. “Touch yourself” he directed and my wife of 23 years obeyed him. She started gently moving her fingers up and down her slit and then concentrated on rubbing her clit. Her head went back and I think she was off in a world of her own. With the camera still clicking away her hips started to buck as she brought herself higher and higher and then a long load moan signalled she had brought herself off. God I was so horny and frustrated.

Had I really just done that? Had I just fingered myself off in front of two men and had an orgasm? The first time I had come in a very, very long time.

Mary sank into a heap on the chair looking like I had never seen her before. Alive. An intensity in her eyes that spoke volumes. She made no attempt to cover up but sat there quite openly naked and still lightly rubbing her clit.

“Oh. Wow. What was that? Shit, I feel so alive”

I’m not sure what part of that statement excited me the most. The sentiment or that she had used a profanity. Was my old Mary of the last 23 years gone? I couldn’t wait to talk to her about this.

I think I immediately realised that something fundamentally earth shattering had just happened. It’s almost like the medieval idea of the devil being driven out but in my case the devil was modesty and hang ups about sexual matters. Yes, all I had done was to pose naked and have an orgasm but deep down I knew this was just the start and providing Dan would come with me, we could embark on a journey of sexual discovery that should perhaps have happened long ago.

We both sat there for a while in our own thoughts while Sam talked about post production and editing and presentations and I don’t know what. I really wasn’t listening, I was just hoping Mary would continue down this path.

Eventually we regained some sort of composure and Mary went to get dressed and I got Sam to repeat everything he had just been telling us. Yes, we would come back and view the photos and see what we wanted. I’d give him a call and fix a date.

We were eventually calm enough to leave and drive home so said goodbye and that we’d be in touch. We wandered back to the car holding hands and when we were seated Mary leant over and started kissing me. Our tongues like a couple of vipers darting at each other going as deep as we could.

“Dan” Mary whispered “did I really just do that? I feel so alive”.

“You did and its made me feel so horny” I replied. I had to ask the question.

“What made you so horny so suddenly? You were so shy and reserved to start with”

“I know I was shaking even more inside than out, then, I don’t know, when Sam asked me to take my bra off, I thought, no way, then as I turned my back on you I suddenly felt a rush at the thought of flashing my breasts and by the time I’d reached up and unclasped the bra it’s as though I’d been plugged into the mains and had this huge surge of wantonness going through me. You didn’t mind did you?”

“Mind? No way, I would have thought that was obvious.”

“Mm, probably was. Let’s get home and celebrate.”

I won’t bore you with the details of our celebration, suffice to say we were both completely and utterly exhausted by the end of the evening.

I woke first in the morning and went down to make the coffee and spent the time thinking about the previous day and alternated between euphoria and concern that in the cold light of day Mary might regret what she had done. I was bloody certain I didn’t. Even after the night we had just had my dick was still interested in more action.

Carrying the mugs into the bedroom and being greeted by Mary’s smiling face I knew she had no regrets. Oh, and perhaps the fact that she had thrown the duvet back had her legs wide apart and two fingers working hard in her pussy was a clue too!

The coffee went cold!

Lying there after I asked “Where do we go from here? Do you want to do it again or was it a one off?”

“Oh no” she replied “as long as you don’t mind I’m desperate to do it again but….you are happy that I do?”

“Mm. More than happy. What did you want to do? Up to you entirely. I know what I’d like but you tell me first.”

“Well …..what really got me so horny was Sam being up so close to me and I was just wondering what I would have felt if he’d touched me”

“Touched you? How? Touching your tits or pussy do you mean or more?”

“I’m not really sure. I think using his fingers or massaging my breasts would have been magic but I can’t help thinking I would so loved to have had him fuck me, is that bad if me?”

“Shit no” I said “that would make me so, so horny.” “Look” I said pointing to my cock which was beginning to swell again just at the thought of it.

“Naughty boy” Mary responded slapping my penis hard.

“Ouch. That hurt. Do it again!” So she did. Something else new and I was having trouble resisting the urge to shoot there and then. We were entering new territory that’s for sure.

So we talked further with long interruptions for our hands and mouths to work hard on and in each other.

The upshot was though that I would phone Sam on Monday and suggest we went to collect the results of the shoot. We discussed how I should approach Sam and Mary decided she would rather just let things develop in case she changed her mind but she was definitely thinking along the lines of letting him fuck her.

So, a week after our life changing afternoon we were back at Sam’s studio to see the results from last week and who knows what else. I had phoned him on the Monday to say that we had decided to come and collect the photos and he asked if that meant Mary wanted another shoot. I replied by telling him how much she/we had enjoyed it and yes she couldn’t wait to give it another go. I didn’t tell him any more than that and left him thinking it would be a repeat of last week’s style. Mary had spent another fortune on her hair and was dressed in a smart suit and white blouse. She said that she felt even hornier dressed like that, the juxtaposition of upright everyday lady with the slutiness she was feeling inside even heightened the intensity of it all.

Her underwear was another story. She had on a pale pink set. A very lacy sheer bra which allowed her nipples to be easily seen and matching knickers which clearly showed that she was not shaven. She had asked me if she should shave but I told her no, that’s how I prefer her and that’s how I wanted her to stay.

The week between our visits to Sam’s studio seemed like an eternity. I was alternately as hot as hell at the thought and so nervous I thought I might be sick. The evening and nights with Dan were as sexually full as our honeymoon had been. Probably more so because suddenly there was no shyness or reservation between us. We’d discussed the coming meeting and Dan had said without my prompting I was free to do anything I wanted with Sam, a hand job, blow job or full fuck, he said he didn’t mind. I could tell that was true as whenever we talked it over his cock showed his feelings by engorging itself to a rock like state!

So there we were. Sitting next to each other. My knickers already getting damp but I was still full of doubt as to whether I could go through with it.

Sam arranged some chairs at his desk with Mary and me on either side of him and started showing us the images asking which ones we particularly liked and if we wanted any more editing done on them. All very professional but speaking for myself (and Mary, as she told me later) neither of us were really concentrating that hard both just anticipating what might happen next. The photos were great and were I suppose heightening the sexuality of the moment and it was when we got to the ones of Mary taking her knickers off that Mary leant towards the screen a little and placed her hand on Sam’s knee as she pointed to the picture and asked him to enlarge it.

“Wow” says Mary, “that is really making me so horny, how about you Dan?”

“Stiffening up nicely” I replied which got a laugh and Mary’s hand started rubbing up and down Sam’s thigh. Sam seemed to ignore Mary’s hand and continued to scroll through the pictures very professionally until we got to where she had her legs wide apart and was fingering herself. I glanced across at Mary and saw she was getting to a point where her actions were going to be controlled by her libido rather than common decency. “God, that’s so horny. I remember thinking I wish I could try it with someone’s cock”

Although we had talked about this incessantly in the last week it still came as a huge shock to hear my once demure wife saying it and even more so when she went on in a horse whisper “Any chance Sam?” And with that her hand went to his crotch and gently squeezed.

Sam turned to me and before he could say anything I dumbly nodded and croaked “Go ahead” as Mary’s hand squeezed and rubbed Sam’s cock through his trousers.

I just couldn’t believe this. Mary taking the lead guided Sam’s hand to her tits and encouraged him to kneed them.

Not sure how to describe my thoughts. Not sure whether anyone reading this is the same but I’d had a fantasy of seeing my wife with another man for years and here I was watching her enjoy his hand going into her blouse and bra while she was unzipping him and taking his cock out.

Now I was never one as a teenager to start comparing cock sizes and I had wondered if Sam would be well endowed (somehow it’s another of those stereotype attributes to attribute to porn photographers isn’t it?) but he appeared to have a cock about the same size as mine which I guess is sort of average.

Mary’s hand closed round Sam’s cock and started to wank him as he pushed a hand up her skirt. I couldn’t see what he was doing but judging by the small groan from Mary he must have got inside her knickers and have a finger or two well in her.

I was beside myself. I couldn’t just sit there. I extracted my cock which was already like a rock and slowly masturbated. No way did I want to bring myself off but I just had too much sexual energy going through me to just sit there.

Mary continued to wank Sam and I judged that he wanted to move it up a gear although Mary was showing no signs of wanting to. Perhaps she was concerned about how I was feeling so I said to her in what turned out to be a very broken voice why didn’t she see how Sam tasted? Jeez. I had really just encouraged my wife to suck off another bloke!

“Not yet” she replied and I detected nervousness in her voice. Oh. Was she having regrets? Second thoughts? I hoped not but she showed no sign of dropping her head to take Sam’s penis in her mouth. His hand was still firmly up her skirt and I assume firmly in her cunt. Her legs drifted apart to give him more access and at last I could see that he had a couple of fingers inside her and his thumb was massaging her clit. Perhaps I was wrong. Perhaps this was turning her on so much she didn’t want it to stop. In any event she brought her other hand down and cupped Sam’s balls in it and started vigorously wanking him. Hard was not the word for it. Her hand was a blur up and down his shaft, she was pushing his cock against his belly then pushing it down between his legs. Totally alien for Mary, or at least the Old Mary, her wanking of me had always been very perfunctory. His hands came away from Mary’s pussy and he gripped the arms of his chair. He was trying to hold on but Mary’s hand continued at the speed of light and with a deep grunt his semen started to spray everywhere.

Her head dropped and she opened her mouth to take the final spurts from his engorged member then, hunting around for the spunk that had flown everywhere, she gathered it on her fingers and looking me directly in the eye put them in her mouth and sucked them clean.

“Fuck. What have I been missing” she said. Then looking over at me, my cock still at full attention as I tried to process the most erotic few minutes of my life, she said “I don’t think I’m finished yet.”

With that she walked over to me and totally ignoring the fact that Sam was sitting only feet away she hiked her skirt up, pulled her knickers down and off and straddled me. I had no problem penetrating her. She was soaking. Dripping in fact. I slid in to her and she was so moist there was no friction so I slid a finger into her as well which extracted an intake of breath and she started to rhythmically move first forward and back, sliding up and down my thighs then up and down almost withdrawing my penis totally and then slapping down hard on me. No doubting who was in charge of this fuck. If you will excuse the pun it was as if I was only along for the ride!

Her hips were thrusting to and fro. Her head was tilted back. Her mouth was wide open with low moans escaping and then becoming louder and more urgent as her bucking reached a crescendo. She went rigid. The orgasm she was having brought me to the brink, not that it needed much, I had been struggling the whole time not to shoot into her as I desperately wanted this fuck to never end. But now it was. I came. And came. And came. My cock continuing to twitch inside her as I grabbed her round the hips pulled her deep onto me then pulled her head to mine and we sank our tongues into each other’s mouths. Heaven. We collapsed into a heap.

I suddenly remembered we were not alone. I looked over at Sam to see him gently massaging himself.

“Dan, you have a hell of a randy wife”

“So it seems” I replied.

“Too fucking hot by half. Making me cum early like that. God, what a missed opportunity”

“Oh Sam, I’m so sorry” said Mary. “Can I try and make it up to you now? Ok Dan?”

I dumbly nodded as my adorable wife climbed off my lap and went over to Sam and kneeling started gently massaging his cock which still was rather limp.

“Not sure that’s going to be successful” he said “no matter how much I want it. Any chance of another day.? Ahh”, he sighed as he said it as Mary had dropped her head and now had his cock fully in her mouth. She hadn’t answered his question but from my point of view I had no problems in wanting a repeat of this scenario. Mary continued sucking him and his head was back and he was obviously not disliking it but no sign of him getting back to hardness. Eventually Mary removed his penis from her mouth, kissed it gently and said yes perhaps another day would be more interesting!

“That would be alright wouldn’t it darling” she asked ” if we came back another day and I gave Sam a proper fuck?” The emphasis she put on the word fuck was dripping with lust.

“Bloody hell yes”, I responded still on a high from what I had seen her do today.

Not sure I can add much to this. Dan has summed it up much as I remember it. To say I was randy that day is an understatement. I still don’t understand how I had gone so quickly from an everyday middle aged, very sexually reserved housewife to what now seemed to be a wanton slut who couldn’t get enough sex. Ok, I know all I had done was wank off a stranger in front of my husband and then have sex with Dan in front of said stranger but I knew in my heart that I needed much, much more now and there was no turning back.