He did her again

This is a true story and it just happen last night! We were at the house she was getting her nightly bath a d as usual the door was wide open as we talked. She ask what I want to do tonight and I said the usual which is always, “what you want to do “? She surprised me when she said she wanted to call up David our neighbor and invite him over for some drinks! We had just snorted a good line and I was horny already but when she said that I was beginning to really be there! She went on to say she saw him out cutting his grass so she pulled in and spoke to him and she said she would like to invite him over. Now first of all when she got home earlier in the day I noticed she was kinda breathless so I came in the bedroom and she was sitting on the edge of the bed with her legs open and she was flipping her big clit like a banjo string, so when she said she was at his house she probably got horny as hell with his shorts and nothing else under the thin material.  I had saw him a couple of weeks ago cutting his grass and all I could see was hid semi hard thick cock! I couldn’t help but notice it and he noticed me noticing his big healthy cock.

  When I said so thats what was wrong with you when you got back , tell me about it!! She said she saw him and the first thing she saw was his enormous cock swinging under his shorts and she had been needing a big thick throbbing hard cock for a while now so she said she had to pull in she said how he walked over to her car and as close to the window as possible he was talking to mr. Thompson across the street and she said the light colored tan sweats he was wearing she could plainly see the big veins in his thick shaft as it was only inches away from her lips . She really loves to suck his big thick cock and even if she would ever suck my little small cock there is no way she would let me cum in her mouth. but David can and he does shoot his massive load of milky jisam all over her face and what she can’t swallow it just covers the rest of her face!  

 As she was sitting in the tub I ask her if she wants me to call him and she said she did. He answered me on the 2nd ring and he said he would love to come over for drinks,and I added its probably going to be a little more than just drinks if you know what I mean! He said he understood and I said that he really had Renee going today ! He said oh yea , how? So I went on to describe the vision she described to me and I said, yea I saw you in them same shorts and I believe you may not need to wear them much anymore! He ask me why? So I said  because Dav that enormous big thick cock of yours is on display the hole time you are wearing them! Then I whispered but if you want to get serviced tonight he is because when Renee got home she had to rob one out and after she said what made her hot I had to do the same! He said you love to watch my big dick fucking her dont you cuckold? I said hell yes I can’t wait for you to get her and pound her big cunt anyway you want to! I said hell her pussu is so fucking big because of the big fucking cock of yours,  hell you been fucking her for how long now? 15 20 years? He said its been a while! I said you love to suck her enormous nipples and that’s why they are as long and ad big around as they are! Well she is in her tub now and if you hurry she might let you shave her pussy! And she shave my cock he asked? I just said we will get that big cock of yours shaved even if I have to do it myself!! To be continued