First experience

Author: Justahusband 

So a while ago my wife had seen my internet history. I’m normally very good at deleting it but that day I must have forgotten. She had seen that I had looked at cucks. She must have done her own research on it and took it upon herself to sort something out. 

I came home from work on a Friday and she was preparing a meal and getting ready. I asked her what she was doing and she said someone was coming over. She wouldn’t tell me who so I just got showered and changed and that was it. 

she went upstairs to get ready and after about an hour of her getting ready she came downstairs all tarted up wering a very very low cut top and a short skirt. Every time she bent over you could see her pussy. I was shocked. 

About half hour later there was a knock on the door. An older chubby guy walked in and I had no idea what was going on. They immedialty started flirting having a few drinks and she completely ignored me.

I asked her what the hell was going on and she said, ” according to your internet history you like cuckold, so that’s what you’re going to be”. I said I was just looking. He said well now you can watch for real. 

There and then he stood up and pulled out his cock. She looked at me and said that’s a real cock and just shoved it in her mouth. He grabbed her head and made her gag on it telling her what a good bitch she was. 

I just sat and watched her take his cock in her mouth. She started telling me how much she craved big cock and that I wasn’t fullfulling her slut needs. He started slapping her big 36dd tits and said she was his fuck toy now. 

He turned her around bent her over the table lifted her leg up on a chair and ate her wet pussy as arse hole. She was looking right at me moaning her eyes rolling back. After he stood up and rammed his massive cock up her hole, she told me to get close enough to smell it. 

I don’t know why but I did as I was told. He said fuck you pulled my head and made me lick his arse hole. I couldn’t believe it as she was laughing at me. He then turned around and told me to taste his wife and made me suck his cock. She stood up and started pushing my head down on it. 

She pushed me out the way laid him down and mounted him reverse cowgirl and made me eat her Pussy as she bounced on his shaft. I could feel his cock on my tongue as he went in and out. She said I was pathetic that I’d let a man fuck his wife let alone take his cock in my mouth as well. 

After a while he pulled out and came over her pussy and then made me lick it up. She now invites older men over regular to make me feel worthless.