Cuckolding with Kindness

Author: Nohodays 

I copied and pasted a real chat with my Ex, here, below. I changed the names for privacy reasons.
It’s cuckolding with style, with kindness. You don’t see things like “sissy, my dog” No. No humiliation It’s about love and extra kinky fun.

10:18 PM – Miguel: You know, I already got used to our crazy things
10:19 PM – Rebeca: Ok my love
10:19 PM – Rebeca: babe I missed you
10:20 PM – Miguel: I miss you too sweetie
10:20 PM – I even had to do it a when I texted you a while ago
10:20 PM – Miguel: Too bad you weren’t here
10:20 PM – Rebeca: Seriously!
10:20 PM – Miguel: Yes…
10:20 PM – Rebeca: And without me
10:21 PM – Miguel: I’m still here
10:21 PM – Miguel: Still thinking how good was that
10:22 PM – Rebeca: Tell me what you thought
10:22 PM – Rebeca: How did you do it?
10:23 PM – Miguel: I thought that another man fucked you hard, and he made you feel so good as you like, even better than I do. With a bigger cock as you like and wide
10:24 PM – Rebeca: Yeah! very delicious and exciting!
10:24 PM – Miguel: Mine is 5.5 inches, but his cock is about 7″, and thicker than mine.
10:24 PM – Rebeca: Can you imagine how good it would feel inside me!
10:24 PM – Miguel: And I saw everything as much as you enjoyed it more with him than with me and I couldn’t do anything about it, just watch.
10:25 PM – Rebeca: You can’t do anything, you know you just have to watch and listen
10:26 PM – Miguel: His cock girth is thick enough to widen your vagina
10:26 PM – Rebeca: Just how I like it.. and you know it..
10:27 PM – Rebeca: As delicious as never before
10:28 PM – Rebeca: I love you baby, but you know I want him to make me cum so hard!
10:29 PM – Rebeca: You know you have to do things as I tell you baby
10:29 PM – Miguel: Yes sweetie. I’m submitted to you
10:29 PM – Rebeca: Yes
10:30 PM – Rebeca: You are mine, and everything I do, you just enjoy it without complaining about anything ok
10:30 PM – Miguel: Yes babe…
10:30 PM – Rebeca: Ok my love
10:31 PM – Miguel: I obey you
10:31 PM – Rebeca: Just watch how he does it and how I enjoy it and scream of such pleasure
10:31 PM – Miguel: Yes my love!!
10:32 PM – Miguel: I really enjoy it
10:32 PM – Miguel: Even if he makes you feel more than what I can make you feel
10:33 PM – Rebeca: Just enjoy it
10:33 PM – Rebeca: Later will be your turn
10:33 PM – Miguel: Yes my love, I’ll wait for my turn
10:33 PM – Miguel: I obey you
10:34 PM – Miguel: I must not interrupt because he is owning you now, making you enjoy like never before
10:34 PM – Miguel: Making you cum so hard
10:34 PM – Rebeca: Yes my love
10:34 PM – Miguel: And I just obey your order
10:35 PM – Rebeca: Listen when I ask him not to stop
10:35 PM – Rebeca: Yes! Harder! harder! I love the way he does it
10:35 PM – Miguel: And he gives you a huge pleasure that I can’t give to you
10:36 PM – Rebeca: Yes
10:36 PM – Miguel: I mean, I can, but not as much as him
10:36 PM – Rebeca: I like it so delicious
10:37 PM – Rebeca: Listen as I ask him for more
10:37 PM – Miguel: Yesssssssss
10:39 PM – Rebeca: Ahhhh ahhh yeah baby yeah!!!! It’s so good!!! listen to how I ask him to give it all to me
10:40 PM – Miguel: Yessssss
10:40 PM – Rebeca: I want him to give it all to me, so his cock fills me up, and it feels rich inside me
10:41 PM – Rebeca: Ahhhh ahhhh ahhh …. I want it all inside
10:41 PM – Rebeca: How delicious!! yes ahhhh!
10:41 PM – Miguel: Yesss yess
10:42 PM – Rebeca: Ahhhhh ohhhh I like that he does it so well and you’re watching it
10:43 PM – Miguel: Yessssss yes
10:44 PM – Rebeca: Listen as I scream when he makes me cum so rich ahhhh ahhhh ohhhh yes daddy yes baby!
10:45 PM – Rebeca: I just say daddy take it all out
10:45 PM – Rebeca: I love it so much ahhh ahhh ohhhhh yes baby yes baby
10:46 PM – Miguel: Omg I love it so much when you talk to him like that
10:46 PM – Rebeca: Yes
10:46 PM – Rebeca: It makes me feel so good and excited, to feel it
10:47 PM – Rebeca: Do some positions
10:47 PM – Miguel: Yessss
10:49 PM – Miguel: More please
10:49 PM – Rebeca: We are enjoying it baby ahhhh ahhh
10:49 PM – Miguel: There is my love this is an indescribable pleasure
10:50 PM – Rebeca: It’s as good and exciting that you can’t even imagine
10:50 PM – Rebeca: Uff you don’t know how I enjoy it
10:50 PM – Miguel: Ahhhh yes yes
10:51 PM – Rebeca: Even better when I’m on top and we do it wildly
10:52 PM – Miguel: You know I used to get a little bit jealous because he could be better in the bed
10:52 PM – Miguel: But now I only enjoy as much as you do and I like it so much
10:52 PM – Rebeca: He kisses me and grabs my breasts to lick them both and suck them
10:52 PM – Miguel: Yesssss makes you love it so muchhh!!
10:53 PM – Miguel: Is not just sex, its passionate lovemaking too….
10:53 PM – Miguel: And you two kiss each other in front of me your boyfriend
10:53 PM – Rebeca: It’s nice to cum up there on him, so I feel it more inside
10:54 PM – Rebeca: It’s so delicious that I want much more
10:54 PM – Rebeca: I want to have it in my mouth
10:55 PM – Rebeca: I put it all in my mouth while he’s grabbing my hair
10:56 PM – Miguel: And I watch all that. Blushed, but very excited
10:56 PM – Rebeca: Uff, it’s so good baby give me all ahhh ahhhh ahhh
10:57 PM – Rebeca: I love it so much!!!! ahhhh ahhh
10:58 PM – Rebeca: I like how he cums in my mouth
10:59 PM – Miguel: Yessss
10:59 PM – Rebeca: Now I want him to do it again
10:59 PM – Miguel: Yes yes yes yes everything you want baby, everything!
11:00 PM – Rebeca: I want him from behind, grabbing my breasts, and kissing my neck
11:00 PM – Miguel: Yessssssss
11:00 PM – Miguel: It’s amazing how he owns you
11:01 PM – Rebeca: And he masturbates me with his other hand while he keeps fucking me very hard
11:01 PM – Miguel: My God this is so gooooooooooood!
11:02 PM – Miguel: I don’t know if what I feel is right or wrong but it’s like I want this to never stop, never ever
11:02 PM – Rebeca: I love it uff how delicious daddy how much I like it, fuck me harder until I get the whole
11:03 PM – Miguel: I love it so much when you talk to him like that
11:04 PM – Miguel: You can tell him more than that if you want, I will love it
11:04 PM – Rebeca: Yes, so good baby, swallow my cum
11:04 PM – Rebeca: Everything I do, you have to like it, everything I do with him!
11:04 PM – Miguel: Yessssssss….
11:06 PM – Miguel: I have to like it
11:06 PM – Rebeca: I really enjoy it
11:07 PM – Rebeca: In that moment, only he matters, only him, and nothing else
11:07 PM – Miguel: Yes baby
11:08 PM – Rebeca: And so I tell him that I’m his whore, that I love it so much how he makes me cum that all my cum is for him
11:09 PM – Miguel: Yes my love, my queen, you just made me discover pleasures that I didn’t know it exist
11:09 PM – Rebeca: Uff, how delicious he makes me feel better than ever before
11:09 PM – Miguel: Yesssssssss
11:10 PM – Rebeca: It’s so good, but I’m going to give you your moment
11:11 PM – Miguel: Whenever you want my love. Take your time with your male
11:11 PM – Rebeca: I will continue with him and I will always have him for me
11:11 PM – Miguel: Everything you want baby
11:12 PM – Rebeca: But I should experience the differences with you
11:14 PM – Rebeca: Only I can cuckold you… you can’t cuckold me, you’re mine, and you’ll be with nobody else
11:14 PM – Miguel: Agree. Everything must be as you wish, my love
11:14 PM – Rebeca: You can be only with me. And only with me you will you enjoy the moment of watching me with another man
11:15 PM – Miguel: Yes sweetie
11:15 PM – Rebeca: But you know I love you honey, you are my heaven, my baby
11:15 PM – Miguel: I love you too baby. You are my life, my heaven, my treasure, my queen
11:15 PM – Miguel: When you’re like this, I want you to never stop
11:16 PM – Rebeca: And you are my king my daddy my baby
11:16 PM – Miguel: Yes, my love, I love you
11:16 PM – Rebeca: Every time will be even better
11:16 PM – Miguel: Yes my love yes
11:17 PM – Rebeca: Every day we will enjoy this more
11:17 PM – Miguel: Yes my love
11:18 PM – Miguel: And I’m only here to obey you
11:19 PM – Rebeca: Yes my love, you’re mine, my slave
11:19 PM – Miguel: Yes sweetie
11:19 PM – Rebeca: And watch when I enjoy with other men
11:19 PM – Miguel: Yes
11:19 PM – Miguel: Always
11:20 PM – Rebeca: But there won’t be another woman with you
11:20 PM – Miguel: It will be as you wish my love
11:21 PM – Rebeca: The other man can be with other women, but you don’t
11:21 PM – Miguel: Yes sweetie, I understand
11:22 PM – Rebeca: You’re only mine
11:22 PM – Miguel: Yes, my queen
11:22 PM – Miguel: As you wish, so it will be
11:22 PM – Rebeca: Ok my love
11:22 PM – Rebeca: Don’t think you’ll do those threesomes to be with other girls
11:23 PM – Miguel: Omg you will now make me cum harder baby, maybe the most intense of my life
11:23 PM – Rebeca: Yes, that’s delicious baby
11:23 PM – Miguel: I love everything you say
11:23 PM – Miguel: Everything
11:30 PM – Miguel: You have no idea
11:30 PM – Rebeca: I love you, you are my life, my love
11:30 PM – Miguel: Thank you my love. I love you I love you I love you I love you
11:30 PM – Rebeca: I love you too honey
11:31 PM – Miguel: Ahhhhhhhhhhhg….. omg If I was right
11:31 PM – Miguel: I think it was the richest orgasm of my life
11:31 PM – Rebeca: That’s how rich my love is
11:33 PM – Rebeca: I love you