Church Surprise

Author: DurtyWrite

I’ve started taking in the contemporary service at our church since my wife passed away six months ago. I’m 59 and thought I would check it out. The last couple of weeks. I noticed a family across from me. She is slim, long blonde hair and wears her clothes tight and looks amazing. He is shorter a bald spot in the back of his head and dyes his graying hair. The parents are obviously trying to hang on to their youth. Their daughter looks like a younger version of her mother, with block rimmed glasses and puffy full lips.

This last Sunday. Mom was wearing leather pants, a flimsy blouse showing her slender shoulders and heels. He was wearing a shirt, skinny jeans which did nothing for him and a pair of pointy shoes. The daughter was wearing tight blue jeans, a black blouse with a scarf and heels.

I was trying not to be obvious but found myself drawn to look their way almost staring and fantasizing about things not church like. I noticed that he was singing along with the choruses and taking notes of the sermon and praying with the pastor. She was trying to be attentive but was looking around seemingly bored. The daughter was busy with her phone and wasn’t even trying to appear interested.

After the service. I introduced myself.

“Hi! I’m Bob. Please don’t be insulted but You sir are truly blessed with a beautiful wife and daughter.”

He extended his hand.

“Ronnie and this is my wife Michelle, and daughter Tory. Thank you.”

Michelle whispered something in his ear and then said in the softest sexiest voice I’ve ever heard.

“Please join us for brunch. Here is the address. Come around noon. Give us time to prepare for you. Dress is casual.”

I nodded and they went to speak to the pastor. I watched as they looked like the perfect christian family while Ronnie talked intently to the pastor.

I arrived at the address about 12. I went up to the door wearing my t shirt and wranglers with sandals on my feet. Michelle answered wearing a black satin wrap around that just covered the lace top of her stockings. Her pointy nipples pressing against the material. Her long slender legs accentuated by her sleek high heels.

“Come in you big sexy man.” Looking me up and down pausing on my cock visible through my tight jeans.

I followed her through the hallway to the dining room as she sat me down across from Tory. Tory was dressed similar but her tits were slightly larger and pressed tighter to her wrap around. My cock was hard and uncomfortable pressing against my jeans. I wondered where Ronnie was, when he came from the kitchen carrying a tray of bacon &eggs. He was wearing an apron and boxers. Nothing else.

“Ronnie makes the best eggs and he does dishes too.” She said laughing at him.

She sat down beside me and pointed Ronnie to the chair beside Tory.

“This won’t do. Stand up. You are way overdressed.”As she undid my belt.

Pulled my jeans down and lifted my shirt over my head.Ronnie said nothing as my 8” hard cock popped out of my shorts. Tory’s eyes widened as I sat down. We got to know each other over lunch. Ronnie was a CEO of a major corporation in title only. His father owned it and Ronnie would inherit it if he could get enough respect from his employees and look successful to the world.Tory just turned 18 and graduated secretarial school. Michelle was the trophy wife that made it happen for him.

“Jesus was the only friend had growing up. In public we adore him, and go to church. At home. Well the loser is a loser, and I am in control of this pathetic little asshole.” Humiliating him.

We retired to the living room. Michelle leading me with her hand around my fuck ready cock. Sat me on the leather couch, while Tory and her father stood watching.

Tory licking her lips began rubbing her cunt, while Michelle slipped her wrap off and slid her thong over her beautiful tight ass. Lowering her mouth to my rock hard cock. Taking it as deep as she could without gagging. Letting her spit run down my shaft stroking. I sucked her hard erect nipple biting as she quickened her sucking.

She turned around motioned for Tory to take out her fathers little cock. It began to harden as her slender fingers began massaging it. Quickening her pace, she knelt to spit on it.

“No! Jerk dry. He doesn’t deserve to enjoy it.” Michelle ordered.

Michelle turned around sat on my cock. Slowly lowering herself on it, she moaned and massaged my ball sack. Tory began jerking rapidly as her excitement rose watching my cock slide into her mothers tight cunt.

Ronnie was in tears as Tory jerked his cock raw. But said nothing.

She reached around pulled me up and ordered me to fuck her hard. Making sure he could see the length of my cock pounding in and out of her. Her cunt felt satiny smooth as my cock filled it with her cunt juice slopping out running down her leg staining her stockings.

Screaming her knees buckled as she orgasms on my cock. She went down on all fours face down ass up. I pulled my cock out dripping with her cunt, rubbed it on her butt hole as she spread her cheeks.

Allowing spit to fall on it I pushed my head into her. So tight as I forced it deeper.

“Fuck my ass. Gape me.” She screamed.

I sunk it deep in her ass and pulled out to the tip and drove it deep again again and again. She was fingering her cunt fiercely as I split her ass open. I felt my cum rising from my balls. I pulled out quickly to avoid blowing my load.

“Look at my gape! Fucking loser could never do that.” Tormenting Ronnie.

Tory came over licking my cock. Looking for approval from her mother as she licked her ass off my cock. Michelle nodded and went to Ronnie. Pushed her ass to his face for him to lick. Michelle tenderly rubbed the head of his cock with his precum. Massaging his balls bringing him so close to cumming. Slapped his cock hard causing him to scream in pain. Then she farted on him. Totally humiliating him.

She leaned down sucking his cock to the edge again. Laughing she walked over to Tory and I, Licking her cunt and fingering her wet slit. Tory took me in her mouth and rimmed her tongue under my head. Eyes looking up at me through her sexy black rimmed glasses.

I had never experienced a more sensuous blow job in my life. My cock began throbbing as my cum began rising. Michelle noticed.

“Stop! It’s mine. Finnish your loser dad. She commanded.

Pushing her away and taking my cock in her mouth jerking and sucking the head. I couldn’t hold back as my cum shot deep in her throat causing her to back up. The second blast hit her small tits as her mouth came back on my cock and sucked the last stream from me.

Tory was lovingly blowing Ronnie when he twitched and gave her his load. Just one shot that she took easily. She sucked for more as Michelle came over playing with my cum with a proud look on her face.

“Someday I will let you have a real cum shot. Show me yours. She commanded.

Tory opened her mouth. Michelle laughed as she spit my cum down her chin rubbing it in to her tits. Staining her stockings with her hands. Unhooking her garter rolling her stalking down her long slender leg.

Took it and wiped my cum off her.

“Spit yours on it.” holding it under Tory’s mouth.

Tory did. Then Michelle stuffed it in Ronnie’s mouth. Laughing she forced him to suck our cum from the stocking.

She sent them upstairs to clean up, while she cleaned me with a washcloth.

“Give me some more of your tongue handsome.” She ordered me.

“No I’m tired. I decide who I eat. I wanted Tory.” You don’t dominate me. I am not Ronnie. Maybe another time.”

Tory came down stairs wearing skin tight satin pants a pink blouse tied up under her beautiful firm tits, with heels. Michelle was still glaring at me as I said.

“Thanks and goodbye.”

“Going to see Grand dad.” Tory said hurrying to catch up to me.

My cock twitched watching her tits jiggle under her her sheer lace bra and silk blouse as she caught up to me. Holding my arm to steady herself and pressing her young body against me she asked.

“Do you know a good place where I could apply for a secretarial job? Why was mommy so pissed?

“She ordered me to eat her cunt, and I said no.” I decide when and who I suck and fuck. I felt like I wanted your sweet young cunt. I didn’t like the way she deprived you of my cock.” You want my cock don’t you?

Tory leaned tighter sliding her hand up my thigh grasping my cock.

“I want to please you, and would do anything you direct me too. Anything.”

“My secretary is resigning in two weeks. Bring your resume to my office at 9 AM tomorrow. I want to give you a ride to your grand fathers place. Where does he live.” Opening my truck door.

Tory wiggled her ass in my face as she climbed up. I got in the drivers side. Looked over at her rubbing her pussy biting her lower lip. I started the truck. She directed me to an acreage just outside of town.

“Do you want to meet him? He would like you.”

“Another time. See you tomorrow at 9.” Reaching across her to open the door.

Watching her sexy young ass sway as she walked up the driveway. I thought I could get used to having that around everyday.

When I got home looked down and saw her diary on the floor. I knew I shouldn’t read it, but what does a hot young girl write about. I couldn’t help myself.

Reading through I am surprised to see the only sex Tory has had has been with Grand dad Dad and Mom. Dear Pappa, as she called him was her first. Mom taught her to lick pussy and Mom made him fuck her so she no longer would have to.

She fantasized about servicing multiple men at once, getting fucked in public, being forced to walk around with cum on her blouse. She loves the taste of cum and wants as much as she can get. She looks forward to Sunday afternoons, so Pappa can violate her cunt and mouth. Hopes someday he will spank her and brutally fuck her ass.

My cock was rock hard imagining her fulfilling her fantasies. Stroking it slow at first, massaging my balls as I begin to realize that I could make her fantasies real. All I had to do was give her direction. I found myself taking my bottle of oil out lubing my cock as I visualized her performing and giving her holes to strangers and the sexy outfits she would wear as she extracts cum shot after shot from all the hard cocks I instruct her to fuck.

My phone rang at exactly 9.

“A Ms.Tory is here for an interview.” Helen said. With surprise in her voice.

Helen always made it her business to know my business. Helen was leaving so I saw no need to tell her this morning.

“Send her in.” hung up with no explanation.

My door opened and she walked in wearing a pin striped skirt suit with a pink satin blouse showing the top of her perfect tits. The skirt was just long enough to cover her lace topped stockings. It had a slit up the front that showed bare leg when she walked. Her jacket buttoned up just under her tits holding them up.

She leaned over handing me her resume. The subtle smell of her perfume made my cock stir as our hand touched. I looked at it. No work experience but top of her class in all her subjects. Her introduction stated that she was willing to take any direction and will put her hole being into learning and overcoming all hard challenges presented to her.

I looked up to see her looking intently at me almost pleading for an opportunity.

“Well. Helen has been with me for 15 years and knows this business as well as I do. She is very proficient but not real cordial with customers and suppliers. Do you think you could be friendly with my clients and staff? I would allow you to train for the next two weeks with Helen. You would have to learn quick and would require long hours.”

“Anything. I want to be independent and get my own place. I’ll wait on you from head to feet to prove my worth.”

“Start today. Come let me introduce you to Helen. Do everything she tells you and report to me at the end of the day.” Getting up and leading to the outer office.

“Helen come in please. Tory is going to replace you in two weeks. Show her how to invoice, track shipments, and prepare bank statements. Whatever else you do to keep this office running. She will report to me so the better job you do. The bigger your leaving bonus. Allow her to take all calls to start. Thank you.”

“Tory. Come with me. I’ll give you a tour.”

I wanted to see how she responds to half naked men being photographed for our charity calender. We looked through the window at an oiled chest, flat stomach in chaps tight briefs showing the outline of a very well endowed model.

I found my hand sliding down her round ass lifting her skirt. She looked up at me biting her full lower lip arching into my hand questioning to go in by the look on her face.

I opened the door and gently nudged her with my hand against her damp slit. She walked in to 4 others in various positions posing for the camera flashing.

Once in. She went to the closest model mesmerized by his body pretending to ride slapping his tight ass with a crop. Kissed his oiled nipple wrapping her hand around his hardening cock. He playfully used his crop on her ass. She squealed lowering her head to his crotch. Taking him out of his briefs as her spit drools onto his head. I lifted her skirt exposing her tight ass as another model slid his cock in her moist cunt.

She continued sucking while meeting every thrust oblivious to the flash of the camera flashing. She looked up spit running down her chin as he roughly pulled her tits out of her blouse and sucked them.

The guy behind her. Lifted her up carried her to a hay bail. Fucked her hard on it. Pulled out and shot his cum on her face. Another oiled cock replaced him in her wet open cunt, while she filled both hands with cock, jerking and rubbing cum from her face and licking it off cocks.

Her cunt farting as they take turns fucking her until they all cum on her face, in her cunt, on her stockings. Her tongue trying to get as much cum in her mouth as she can.

She looked up at me. Cum dripping from her chin out of her cunt staining her skirt and stockings. Smiled as the photographer kept taking her picture.

“Back to work. Helen will be wondering where we are.”

She buttoned her cum soaked blouse pulled her skirt down. Put her jacket on. Cleaned cum off her face with her slender fingers and greedily ate it.

Remembering she was at work. Tory looked down at her blouse clinging to her tits heaving at her short breaths. Then back at me.

“I’m sorry. What will Helen think of me? What do you think of me?” I. I couldn’t stop.” In a little girl ashamed voice.

“Don’t worry.” Taking a glob of cum from her thigh and feeding it to her.

“Helen will deal with it, and I think you are just hat this office needs.”

Yes things will be more exciting with my hot young around here with my church nympho slut secretary.