Castaway Cuckold

Author: l_benton

Castaway cuckold.


Roy, Suzie, Arthur, Ernest, Robert, Samuel, Joseph

We where flying out of the Caribbean heading for Columbia. I was on a business trip with my wife on our way to Columbia south America. The farming of soy and corn there is growing, and I was to see what future I might find selling irrigation systems.

I didn’t expect to be flying a small 8 passenger commuter plane from Puerto Rico to Venezuela, from there we were supposed to fly to Monteria.

There where only 4 other people plus one pilot, no copilot. All men no other women except my wife…. She was enjoying the attention of all the men, most of them had been working off shore oil for almost 18 months and couldn’t seem to keep their eyes off her. I am not a jealous man, in actuality it flattered me.

They where all very good looking darker skinned men that had physical jobs that kept their body’s in great shape. I envied them a lot. I have been behind a desk for the last several years, though I worked out three or four times a week. But I had nothing on any of these men….

Susan that is my wife, I am Roy.

Susan was in heaven as these men couldn’t seem to keep their eyes off her, she was enjoying the stimulating conversations they were having, she was all but flirting with them, actually I think she really was flirting with some of them. …..

I let it go as she doesn’t have to much of a chance to flirt at home. We knew most of the men we hung around with and all of them happily married, just like me.

Anna was a very pretty and busty woman…. She was stacked with 48 double D breasts a not so small waist, mostly because of our 22-year-old son, legs that would make a man dream of her for weeks. She was 38 with dark brunette hair, hazel eyes, and a smile that the sun could learn to shine from.

she had never cheated on me, never seem to have a desire to. I loved my wife and I knew she loved me. Neither one of us was willing to hurt the other by doing something like that. However, I was a little worried by how she was mixing it up with the four men we were flying with. It was the first time she ever had that much attention from the opposite sex. And she seemed to be soaking it up. Her smile was beaming, and I didn’t have the heart to stop it. I could see how sexy she felt with all there ogling and lustful gazes.

Well truthfully, I loved it. the last time she was being hit on by another man, she got so excited by how sexy he made her feel, I had gotten the best sex I have ever had in our twenty-five-year marriage, and in fact in my life. She didn’t even kiss him. A man just doesn’t forget a day like that, actually more like a week. Ha, ha, ha.

When she took a break from the men to use the small rest room the plain provided, I had the first chance to speak to her. “You might want to be careful here Susan.” I warned.

She laughed, “Honey, they are getting off in Venezuela. We are going on. theirs nothing to worry about. And I will keep it down if another bunch of ‘Really hot looking men’ get on board.”

The lustful smile she was giving me was meant for just me. That means, if I read it right, that another week of great sex was forthcoming. Hell, I was game for that, who wouldn’t, the price was simply let her flirt with a few strangers till we landed……

We almost got back to our seats when it started. Turbulence so hard we almost didn’t get buckled in. it came in so unexpectedly because no one noticed the clouds forming to the west of us. I really think it was my wife that distracted them. well us actually.

Suddenly a scream from a man at the front of the plain called out. “Shit the caption is dead!!!!”

I was a private pilot with over a thousand hours P.I.C. (pilot in command) so I headed to the front of the plain…

The caption was out of his seat and bleeding, so I knew he was alive, but he was unconscious. I tried to explain this, but everyone was panicking.

I made it to the left seat, checking the interments I noticed that we where at 45,000 feet and climbing. I pulled the trust levers back to an idle. Then I eased the nose forward. I dint know what the ceiling was on the plain we were in, but I knew that we were reaching it. we had to get down to a reasonable altitude fast…… I was encouraged when the altimeter started to show a us descending almost 1000 feet per Minuit. I wanted more but I also didn’t want to stress the bird. So, I took what I could get. I then started to head to the south hoping to out run the storm that way.

I would love to tell you all about the great flying I did to crash land it on an island, but I think we need to get to the point. Truthfully it was dumb luck… I got everything in order, I had only one engine going when I found an island quite by accident, and the one engine was running rough. I headed for the island and hoped it would make it. I found a beach an sat the bird on the sand gear down. When the left port landing gear hit the soft sand it swung around on me hard and drove the front steering gear into the soft sand bucking the back of the plain up and almost throwing me threw the wind screen…..

I came-too three days later. Next to my wife…. I rolled over and saw Suzan lying beside me, I touched her shoulder. She jumped almost like something bit her. “Easy baby-doll.” It’s just me.”

“You’re awake!!!!” her face lit up like the sun.

she came to me and kissed me with a big hug. ‘Ouch!!!!” I yelled, hell it hurt. My neck was strained along with my back and right arm.

Suzie pulled away abruptly. “I am so sorry, are you ok?”

“Yea, I will be fine. Just found some bad spots.” I looked at my wife, she was a sight for sore eyes this was for Shure, I can’t think of anything I would rather see than her right now. I smiled and said. “You are the prettiest woman on earth…..”         

“Yea, so they tell me about sixty times a day each…” she said to me.

Suddenly I started to get confused. I had forgotten all that was going on. As I started to look around where I was things got really confusing…

As it turned out…. The four men and the pilot all survived the plain wreck. The four men started setting up camp and made the lean two I was under with my wife Suzie. They had been staying alive with provisions from the plain, though they where running low.

The island I had found accidently, was about two miles around. There are cliff faces on one side and beach on the other. They had found fresh water and make several trips there each day.

The caption was hurt pretty badly and almost died. Some-how he made it though. He is healing, but very slowly. I was the only other injured person by the grace of god, and not my great flying ability…

The four roughnecks that came a bored the plain where instrumental in our survival. They kept gathering wood to burn and water to drink. They also found a way to catch fish by trapping them in the rocks, on the other side of the island. The men were very ingenuitive.

We found some flora that is edible so we even had greens to eat. Though when they offered me Kelp. I declined.

On the outside we looked like a real teem of survivors. Each doing his best for the survival of all of us. Underneath, not so much.

I was up and around in just a few days, doing my part in survival.

I checked the plane and the E.L.T. (emergency locating transmitter.) There I found it disabled. I asked the caption about that and he said. It had failed to work a week before the flight. He said they had ordered a new one but the people who run the airline are very cheap and didn’t place the order.

I started pulling the radio’s and other avionics to see if I could get something working to help get us rescued. That is where I put most of my time. I thought that would be where I was most needed.

I could sense trouble starting right away. Though Suzie stopped flirting with the men, they didn’t stop flirting with her. I witnessed several of them talking to her taking a lot of time studding her. she wore loose clothing, but her bra was gone, and her boobs bounced when she walked.

I couldn’t blame the men for staring. They had been out at sea for some eighteen months. They were all heading back to their wives and girlfriends, and Suze was the only female anywhere around. This lasted quite a while.

I got better pretty fast and started to pull my load fairly quickly. I thanked them all for taking care of me while I was out and especially keeping watch over Suzie. They all smiled huge when I said her name.

I had figured out how to get the radio working again. I needed a lot of time and some carpenter tools to do it though. Mainly the batteries were dead and I needed to find a way to turn the alternator to charge them.      

As I said before, the men where very ingenuitive and made a contraption that might just work. It took some to build it though.

Suzie was bumming around the beach ignoring all the metaphorical danger sines that where springing up everywhere, and had been since I had come too.

I was at our small well, I guess you would call it a hut. That we had made in our spare time. each of us started to build one so that we could get more privacy. Me and Suzie started making love in it as soon as it was built.

Suze came in the hut with a horrible look on her face. There is no way anyone could fake the terror she felt.

She looked at me…. “I, I, m. I Am, their…”

“Slow down baby doll.” I said as I went to her to try to comfort her. She was shaking as I took her in my arms. Then she broke down…

It was a good long time before she calmed enough to say. “I am going to be raped….”

It was a statement of fact. 


I held my wife for a long time until she was starting to calm down. A knock on the front of the hut let us know that someone was there.

“Come in.” I said. Suzie’s body went stiff and she grabbed me tight. I looked at the man that was coming into the hut.

It was Arthur Knocks. He was the caption of the airplane I had landed. I could see he seemed to recover well from his injuries.

“Arthur”? I said almost as a question.

“Roy, did she tell you what is going on?”

“she said something about her going to be raped?” I asked.

He sat down, not that I invited him too. “The four rough necks are getting a little frustrated. They have a plan in place I found out about…”

I looked at him. “What about you?”

“I will take no part of taking a woman against her will!!!!” he sounded firm on this, I had no doubt he meant it…

 “What is going on Arthur?” I asked with a look of don’t fuck with me on my face…

“That Richard ass hole I think is the one who started it… but Ernest is all in now and George and David are about to come in too. they want to get Suzie away from you in the jungle or if not, they will all four take you out. They think I am in it with them. but I will have nothing to do with it.” Arthur looked at me for a good long time as I held my wife….

I was out numbered four to three. Arthur was twenty years older than us, we were all in our mid-twenties. I could feel my wife shaking. I know she was regretting all the teasing flirtations she had doled out since we boarded the plane.   

I finally said. “Suzie. There is an old saying. If Rape is inevitable, lay back and enjoy the sex…” There was no way I could stand up to the four men. As much as I wanted to. We all new that me and Arthur would never stand a chance.

“I am scared…” Suzie said.

“Yea, I am sure you are but would you rather get raped or go to them and give it willingly on your terms. They are going to fuck you either way. But if they new that if you said no to something it meant no… and if you told them only one or two a day. Everyone would get the relief they need and maybe life would go on… if we tried to fight, I would of course but I will lose. And you will be taken and used far worse than option one. I do not want you hurt. I can live with you being fucked. But I can’t live with you being hurt.”

She looked at me for a long, long time. “Arthur, how long do I have before they come for us?”

I would say a day, maybe two. But I would probably say they will get together on this by tomorrow night.

“Tell everyone tomorrow morning I wish to address them. tell them please.” Her voice was resigned and flat.  

I looked at my wife as I continued to hold her. She kissed me. Then she looked at me strait in my eyes and told me. “You can have me tonight. But when those other men start fucking me tomorrow morning. I am going to be fucking only them….” there was no hesitation in her voice. It was firm and plain. I was about to lose my wife because I couldn’t protect her…

The very next morning good to her word she showed up and got their attention. she laid out the rules very plainly. She would every night chose a hut to attend. she would rotate between all of the men. They could fuck her pussy almost anyway they wanted but…. No anal…. Blow jobs are her choosing. Also, everyone must be clean. If you aren’t clean, I will not go to your hut. Then she continued. “If I am in the mood, I may stop at more than one tint a night. No rough stuff. If I say no it is no, do not argue. Or I will leave and won’t be back for a while. That is the rules. Take it or leave it….”

She went and got herself some food. She completely ignored me, not even glancing my direction. I felt terrible. I started to get to work on my project. I didn’t get a lot done that day. I kept throwing up.

That night true to her word she picked Ernest’s hut first. I think I know why. It was right next to our hut. She got really loud too. they spent almost two hours together making lusty noises. I heard every one of them. she came back to our hut when they were through and laid down next to me.
“Wow Roy, he is really good. I came so hard. He is a lot thicker than you are but not as long. I like the thickness. But boy can he eat pussy. Hay by the way did I get all his come off my mouth. He shot a load in my mouth and I swallowed but I can’t tell if I get it all off my lips.” She looked at me and swallowed, smiling big as she did. then she kissed me deep. I kissed her back and could taste him. she didn’t lie, She let him cum in her mouth… She had never done that for me…

The next day it was the same thing. Suzie was making sure I heard every grunt and moan. She came back to our hut after and kissed me again, making sure she knew she let him come in her mouth. Then she told me that his dick was bigger than mine too.

This continued. I continued to work on my project and Suzie continued to take care of everyone but me including Author. Each day she would come into the hut and brag about her lovers. Each day she would put me down and humiliate me.

It wasn’t long when I saw her being spit roasted in a small clearing by our water hole. She was on her hands and knees between Robert and Earnest with one in her mouth and the other in her pussy in broad day light…

So much for the one a night rule.

I had finally gotten my project to work. I had started to assemble the radios on top of the hill because I had only a small antenna. This was hard back breaking work; I had no help form the other men. After they started fucking my wife, they all started avoiding me.

I was at my hut one night and my wife came in as she always did and laid beside me as she always did. I waited for the humiliation to commence.

“I need to be close to the flap tonight Roy.” she said.

“What’s wrong” I asked…

“Arthur taught me how to take it up the ass. He and Samuel gave me two of the biggest cream pie enemas. I will probably need to take a shit two or three times tonight…”

So much for the no anal rule.

She continued for the almost three months. I knew she had run out of her birth controlee a month ago so I am sure she was expecting.

I had gotten my project finished and had it in working order almost nine months since we crash-landed. I started to stay on the hill the last three days. Like anyone was going to miss me. Well my wife will miss humiliating me every night. I haven’t had sex for almost six months now and I was miserable.

I finally made contact with my first aircraft about six days after I get the alternator working. I couldn’t make a distress call or anything but I found the frequency that I needed to make one.

I came in the camp all excited to tell everyone the good news.  What I found sort of took all my joy from me. my wife was naked giving all five of the other men lap dances. There was no music but she didn’t need any. She kept teasing away. She offered to tease me a little but I just shook my head and went to bed.

The next day I was up at first light… I headed to the top of the hill where I was set up with the radio equipment batteries and alternator. I managed to make contact with a commercial jet liner. He was able to use his instruments to pin point our location.

It was four hours later I got a call from a rescue boat. He told me a chopper was dispatched and would be there in an hour.

All that work just payed off in less than a few hours. Holly cow did I feel wonderful….

I ran down to the campsite and yelled into the huts. The fist one was my hut and I found it empty. No surprise. But I found body’s in the other ones.  Yelling I told them “We need to get to the beach…”

Everyone woke up a little groggy. Obviously worn out fucking my wife all night… “To the beach… I yelled.

“what the hell” a totally naked Suzie asked.

“We have to go…” I told her plainly.

“Go where?” she asked.

“Go home.” I told her in a calm voice. I took what I had and started heading to the beach.

Suzie had been fucking all five of the men for almost five mouths. She started to show a little in her belly. I looked down and asked. How she was doing.

She just scowled at me.                                                                            

I figured she was between two and three months pregnant. She still had birth control pills when I last had sex with her, so I know it wasn’t mine. I really didn’t care who’s it was either. She had ditched me, essentially and banding me because I couldn’t take all five men and protect her from the invadable. Not that, from what I could see, she minded at all.

I got to the beach and waited. Two of the men were setting next to Suzie and teasing her. I think they where trying to get her to put out on the beach in front of me. they started to get loud and obnoxious.

I went to them. and told them to knock it off. They started to get cocky and laugh at me.

I started to turn and then I came back with the small club I had in my hand. I knocked him up side his head and he was down and out. I stepped to the other asshole and raised the stick. He fell for it and I kicked his knee with my right foot causing the knee to go backwards at an impossible angle. He was out of it. I turned to the other two men who started to run away…

I walked back to the fuselage of the plane just in time to hear a large helicopter fly above us…

It took almost a week to get home. The insurance payed off quickly. It took three days to get the house in order. I went back to work and started to put some sort of order back into my life. It took a while.

I didn’t say two words to Susan for almost two weeks. When we started to talk, the conversations contained one- and two-word sentences. Her belly kept getting bigger and she seemed to be more and more angry with me as she grew. I slept in the spare room and left her with the master bedroom.

It was four months after we got back when she tackled me on the couch and forced me to talk to her. the fact is I was still in love with her even though she ditched me and left me with nothing.

I landed the plane; I was the only one that could. I fixed the radio that got us rescued. I kept up with survival and worked harder than any of the others. And my wife chose to humiliate me rather than support me.

I looked at my wife. She tried to apologies for being such a bitch to me. for holding back and for trying to humiliate me.

“Trying?” I asked.

She looked down. “I am sorry.”

I told her that I need to know what she wanted now. Where do we go from here? But I told her not to answer. I told her to take two weeks and make up her mind…. I told her that I won’t listen to anything she said until the two weeks are up.

So, I went to work and came home. I slept in the spare room and kept quiet. I started talking to Susan, and our conversations where nice. she actually came up with some good ideas and we started smiling together.

Four days before the decision I started enjoying her company, and looking forward to coming home. I had to fight the urge to go to bed with her. to take her, and make love to her.

The day before the decision I came home and found a car in the driveway. I walked in and saw Earnest setting on the sofa. My lovely wife across from him.

“Honey? I have something to tell you….”

I was ready to go to fisticuffs with this man right then. I started to look around for weapons, finding none I started to slowly go to the kitchen.

Susan fallowed me.

I could have made it without her fallowing me, but her fallowing me caused emotions I didn’t know I had stirred up inside me. when I got to the butcher block that contained all our knifes. I stopped and turned.

“I guess you made your decision…” I said looking right in her eyes.

“I have…” she said very clearly.

I felt my knees going week I took two steps to a chair and missed, I fell to the ground. When Susie came to me to help me up, I pushed her away and climbed on the chair myself.

 “Go then….” I said with tears starting to role down my face… “Just go.” I almost didn’t get it out because my throat started closing on me.

“Roy, you don’t understand. I am not going anywhere.”

She was looking at me, I knew that, but I didn’t look at her. my heart was ripping out of my chest. I just couldn’t look at her.

She continued. “Earnest and his wife are here to make arrangements to pick up the baby after I have it next month.” she didn’t stop. “Every one took a D.N.A. test, and earnest won or lost whichever way you want to see it. Its his baby. And I am not going to ask my husband to raise any son that is not his.” She stared at me for a long time. “That is my final word. I love you Roy. I always have and I always will.” She then put her arms around me and held me. it felt good…

Thank you for reading

R. Lee Benton