Buck Bred

Author: Lutheran Maid 

I wonder whether we are entirely honest. I mean so honest that we say things to a partner that would alter the relationship for good? I mean, if we are that honest, then we admit that it could destory the relationship. We acknowledge a need, an instinct, a belief, sometimes all three wrapped tight in a ball within your head that is so powerful that you will burst if you don’t rerspond to it. Well, I tried to be that honest and it created twists and turns that I cannot regret. However hard they became, especially for my husband Steven I had to persist. i needed to get to the other end of what felt like a wormhole, what seemed a terrible destiny. 

I said to Steven one sleepy Sunday morning as we lay abed, ‘I want Aaron’. I said it just like that. Steven and i were sleeping late,dreaming and cuddling off a night of red wine and flirting. We had gone down to the pub with Aaron and his plump easy going wife Susan and I had really come on to our neighbour. I know that sounds cheap, slutty, but if you saw Aaron you would understand that he is entirely used to women throwing themselves at him. His black skin is utterly smooth, his torso is finely honed with powerful msucles and he has the deepest baritone voice and an easy charm that tells you he knows how to handle women. Rumour was that Aaron had already sired three kids by other women. Rumour was that Susan his wife had accepted that this was his role in life, to squirt his thick richj semen into women and give them beautiful babies to cherish. Perhaps Susan was infertile or something. Perhaps that was why she coped with the infedelity. She obviously adored the man. You could tell by the cow eyes she gave him, even when he flirted with me. 

I think the sudden raunchy statement aroused Steven. At any rate it didn’t make him panic. The man has eyes in his head. He sees the chemistry before him and i know that he admires Aaron. Aaron is how a man should look. He is how a man should behave, authoritative, so that a woman feels both owned and protective. Steven is a sweety but he knows that he has never made me feel quite so good as that. My husband adores me. I would say loves me, but it is humbler than that. He always used to say how he couldn’t believe his luck when I married him. i was ‘way too good for him’ he admitted. Steven gives me what i want. He always defers to me as so many white husbands do. Its as if he thinks that enough. Its as if he believes that makes a man cute and keep worthy. 

‘Lick me’ I whispered when he smiled at me rather than remonstrating. 

I felt him tease my nipples with his tongue and pushed his head down between my legs. 

‘No….lick my cunt’ I demanded, ‘lick it was like it was full of what Aaron left there’.

Steven licked and it was so dainty, so humble, so meek somehow. I felt him wriggle his tongue up and down my slit, and so i slipped my fingers dowmn and pulled my labia open. 

‘Tease my clitty’ i ordered, pulling up and back so the soft pink hood cleared thesweelimng bud of my sex. 

He licked me softly there and it was exquisite. It was so sensual, thinking about my belly full of Aaron’s spunk and Steven acting as his batman. i pictured Aaron in hussars uniform his cock out, stiff and dripping from the conquest of me. The village had been over run and now we were both owned by the dominant Aaron.

‘I want him to own me, to rule you. I want him properly….I want him to breed me…over and over again’ I breathed. There was only the slightest pause in my silky smooth licks below. It was half a breath and no more, then Steven licked again, more dpeeply now. 

‘You will have to beg him to take me, to own me’ I moaned softly. By now i was almost delirious. I was soaring softly away to better, stronger arms. 

‘Susan….’ Steven whispered. He didn’t say, ‘But Susan…she is our friend too’. Steven wasn’t exactly resisting.

‘If Aaron says…you lick her out too. i know that she’s fat, but you do as he orders, understood?’ I insisted, an edge in my gasping voice. 

‘Yes Miss’ said Steven. He said ‘Yes Miss!’ and I climaxed. I climaxed so hard that i nearly ripped his poor head off with my spasming thighs!

Erotic interludes don’t always stick. The risk sometimes doesn;’t take hold because shame and fear intervene. But frankly I wasn’t going to tolerate that. i insisted that Steven buy the pair of sensual cavalier boots that, resembled a pair in a film that Aaron had admired. Susan said that Aaron was a leg man, an arse man, so i made Steven buy me things that would get me noticed. Then I arranged for a series of friday night suppers, film nights at our cottage or theirs. I befriended Susan all thr more and ordered Steven to be deferential to Aaron. he was to signal his inferiority. That’s horrible isn’t it? I know, but I told him never to contradict Aaromn, never to hold his gaze. he was to look down like a beta male does in a pack. susan noticed. of course she noticed! She called me pussy in boots, a vixen, and admitted that i looked on heat. Thenb she and i downed a couple of bottles and burgundy and we talked girl talk. Did Steven disatisfy me? Yes. Well he did. I wanted someone better. i needed to fuck with someone more masculine and successful.

Susan said, ‘Aaron’s going to fuck you…I know he will. But he doesn’t tolerate any nonsense from a husband. That could destory our frierndship if Steven gets beaten.’ 

I said, ‘Steven will do as he’s told.’ I said that, withoiut flinching. Susan was scrutinizing me. She was watching my every reaction. 

‘He takes bitches and he breeds them. It’s not just a sexy fling’ she said. 

 I nodded. I was in shock. it was so thrilling. 

‘He gets bored with women when they won’t give him more babies’ Susan said, as quietly and as calmly as you could ever imagine. 

Susan was warning me. She was warning me that this wasn’t love. Aaron simply wanted to have a dynasty stretching away after him as he eventually grew old. I wanted to say something thoughtful, but what i said still sounded trite. 

‘I’ve spoken to Steven, I want Aaron’s babies…if he wants me, if you can tolerate that. i value our friendship too Sue.’ 

Susan nodded. ‘You really mean that don’t you? You want to be a bitch with him and for him?’ 

‘Yes’ I said reaching for the bottle. I felt delirious. 

You cannot manufacture chemistry. You cannot arrange it like a business meeting, or even a date. It just finally ignites and then you hope that the reaction is stable. A week or so later Aaron came around and the way he looked at me told me that Susan had shared our conversation. I was ready to go with him. Aaron was watching Steven intently, like he was a firework that might suddenly explode. But then he stepped casually up to me, drew me into his ample chest and with one hand down between my legs amnd the other about my waist, he kissed me in front of my husband. Aaron had an erection. He had a huge erection. I opened my mouth to Aaron’s and felt his agile tongue slip inside. there was no sound, no sign that Steven was stirring in anger. when i glanced at my husband he was simply staring at us like some sort of lemon. He looked thunder struck, his mouth open, his hands meekly down by his side, a tea towel hanging from one. 

‘Steven won’t make a fuss’ i whispered to Aaron, before glancing quickly again at my husband. He still stared open mouth at us. 

‘Better not’ rumbled Aaron, ‘otherwise he getas a hiding’. 

‘He knows I want you…not him’ I said cruelly. i even slipped my arms up around his broad neck and kissed him again quickly. I felt Aaron’s big hands squeeze my buttocks through the fabric of my jeans. 

‘You bitch him. You disparage him. He doesn’t come to your bed’ he insisted. 

‘If he tries, I will tell you. I will ask you to hit him’ I said barely believing what i uttered. 

Aaron grunted an ‘OK’ and took my hand leading me to the stairs. He glowered at Steven as i was led past. 

‘You fucking well stay down here. Then you come up and lick my bitch when I call’ he ordered. 

Steven nodded and i giggled. It was cruel and very stupid. But i smirked at my husband. 

‘Don’t be silly Steven, it was inevitable. Have a little cry…I don’t want any snivelling when you come up’ i taunted. 

Aaron undressed me up in the master bedroom. It wasn’t hurried or urgent, it wasn’t anxious. I guessed that he had done it quite often. 

‘You on the pill?’ Aaron asked. 

I shookl my head and whispered that I had told Susan the pills had been sent down the toilet. i knew what i wanted and what I so badly needed. 

‘You think you can bend him to the life…raising our kids woman?’ asked Aaron. It made he shudder with desire.

‘You might need to thump him once or twice, but he will bend’ I said firmly.  

Aaron kissed me. 

‘This going down in the village babe, people will talk’ he observed touching my sex with his fingers. I was so wet for him, so incredibly wet and eager. 

‘I don’t care…i have to have you’ i admitted. 

Aaron gestured for me to unload his cock and then to suck its bulbous circumcised crown which i did. I started to bob on it like a little whore. he wasso much more a man down there, so much bigger and harder. I gasped involuntarily which made Aaron smile. 

‘You empty the other fucker over the sink talking about us OK?’ he demanded. 

I nodded dutifully. 

Aaron gestured towards the bed. I lay back on it spread my legs and then opened up my sex lips so that Aaron could see my rock hard bud and the rhythmically grasping hole. 

‘We’ll teach him to lick you up ready’ said Aaron in a deep burr. 

But i was aching badly, aching so very bad. 

‘Please Aaron….please…take me’ i begged.