Brewer’s halting progress

Author: Lutheran Maid 

MY Mistress sent me on a two day course, to learn proper pedicure, so so she trusted me to look after her feet, to paint her nails, bright red in the way that my master Wesley prefers. Sometimes, when I attend them, whilst they are coupling, I see her pretty feet, her toe nails as her legs hook around his muscular torso, his cock burying in and out of her. She takes his cock perfectly. I told Brewer that you don’t watch. You don’t, that’s impertinent. But you learn to steal glances, and seeing her feet that way, well, it made me want to stick myself with a blade. My mistress is auburn haired, auburn bushed, and with freckles on her cheek, the red nails, a gold ace of spades pendant chain over her lovely ankle, she grunting as he pokes her, well, I felt fucking useless. I told Brewer a lot of things about capitulating, making it easy for his mistress (Carol) to control him. But I didn’t tell him about the depth of shame you feel, being so close to people who fuck so perfectly, and who are obviusly in love as well. When my master fucks mitress he clearly loves her and well, she adores him in the most mind blowing way. Every time that they glance in the mirror, see teir reflection in a window, they know they are pefect. If I’m along, in the background, pasty faced, My mistress can have no doubt why she chose Wesley. 

‘We are going over to Carol an Raoul’s place this evening Haynes and you will accompany us.’ Mistress never calls me by my christian name now. It’s as if she has forgotten what it was or else determined that I never had such a name in the first place. 

‘Yes Miss’ I answer, stroking the red lacquer onto her nails with care. I resist the temtation to extend my tongue out of the side of my lips as I concentrate. 

‘Yes Mistress!’ she corrects me and blats my ear with a playful cuff. To be fair, the requirement varies. In alpha party company she is always mistress. At home, miss usually suffices. If we are in the company of straight people, those who haven’t yet moved to the superiority of interacial fucking, I call her miss, very quietly indeed. 

‘You will toilet Mistress Carol and I will have Brewer attend to me. We will require licking before and after do you understand?’

‘Yes mistress’ I confirm crisply. I am astonished. 

You won’t understand this, I know that you won’t. But I want to lick mistress Carol. She is younger than my mistress but has an arrogance about her that seems incredible in a 20 year old woman. They say the young are idealists, well, then, Mistress Carol is a bitch idealist. I want to show the young mistress that I can tease mistress’s sex till it tingles, making the subsequent hard fuck on black cock mind blowing! I will of course suck cock for master, showing off perhaps, to Brewer, so he sees how an expert cock sucking makes the black mamba swell and how it then slides neat in and out of young mistress’s stretched out cunt. But this is a reverie. I am probably staring vacantly as my mistress speaks. I should be thinking about Brewer. If he fucks up, if he doesn’t come nicely to my mistress’s sex, if he doesn’t bow and defer to master Wesley, then he is going to get a bruised face. 

‘Did you tell Brewer to wear Raoul’s leather collar like a good little pet?’ Mistress enquires. 

I could lie and try to get the credit. But the mistresses talk and Brewer will have been interrogated post our several hour chat. I must always answer true to my mistress. 

‘No mistress…he volunteered that after we finished talking things over.’

‘Dd you tell him that he wasn’t to stare at master fucking mistress? she continued. 

‘Yes Mistress’ I confirmed, ‘I taught him to look down unless they required him to look, to rrealise what fucking really involved.’

‘Good boy Haynes, Brewer has learned a lot from you. Do you know, he asked Raoul to come and stay for the weekend, he told him that he wanted to be useful, to the extent that mistress and master desired.’

I tried to picture Brewer saying that! He is a fucking voyeur at heart. There was going to be a reckoning at some point. 

‘Do you like helping us to spread the word Haynes, to help other pretty young white women find black lovers?’ 

There are always tests, repetative taunts. This is how the life is. My mistress believes in the cause. She has taken a lot of bolt hard black cock, from my master and the other alpha blacks that he sometimes shares her with. 

‘May I speak frankly mistress?’ I ask. 

Mistress nods. 

‘I love licking cunt, that which the black masters have reshaped, bored out so that breeding is so much easier.’ 

Mistress laughs. It sounds over the top. It IS a bit over the top. 

‘Even if I put you to a fat rich old lady who was being owned by a black brother Haynes?’ 

I shivered, but kept the straight face. 

‘I lick what you tell me to Mistress.’ 

‘We’ll test that one day Haynes, I promise you’ she said firmly. I nodded my acquiescence to her will. I didn’t want to be farmed out, but if that was required, because a husband wasn’t yet broken, or perhaps imdisposed in hospital with a sore face, cucks like me were sometmes loaned out, to excite and reassure. 

The lacquer dry, I helped my mistress into her stockings, clipped them onto the suspender belt beneath her tight burgundy red leather mini skirt and then held her stiletto heeled matching boots to push her feet into. There were only final touches of jewellery now, a little lippy, so my mistress said,

‘Go and attend your master now’. 

My master dresses in a smaller room down the corridor. They both have walk in wardrobes. Master is absolute authoritarian, absolute masculine icon, absolute perfectionist. Like a lot of alpha black males her smells sex as well as sees and feels it. Let me explain, the fucking must look and feel right, but it must smell right as well. There must only be the addictive smell of mistresse’s cum, his semen, the cocktail mix of coupling. There must be no false cologne or perfume, only perfect, deep, bitch moaning scent and taste of sex.  There must be no conflicting smells of any sort. When I knock and enter the room then, master clicks his finger and thumb together and I set too on my knees forthwith. This is not homosexual sex, it is capitulation, adoration of the man who fucks my mistress so perfectly. I lick his dimpled black buttocks, feeling his muscles tense as I wet his cheeks. I’ve seen these buttocks work so proud, really proud, whilst he’s been pumping a bitch, either my mistress or another of his choosing. We don’t converse, there is no need. His hand, with all those gold rings on his fingers, comes back and he holds his left cheek slightly apart and i lick his arse hole. No competing scents…as I say. I use wet wipes to clean my tongue and then start to lick his balls. They are heavy, full and pendulous. He is like a human bull. He can fill a woman way better than I could, any white guy could. I lick his balls and then lick up his cock. It is massive, thick, clearly veined and regal. There is no embarrassment that my licking gives him an erection, I am here to serve. Seeing it stiffen, his glans look so bulbous, I kneel with my mouth open. Sometimes he fucks my face, making me swallow, just to humiliate me. He has done it publicly before. 

‘I spent last night at Mistress Carol’s’ he told me, not deining to look down at me. 

‘Yes master’ I respond. He has something to tell me. 

‘I fucked Brewer’s face for him, both Raoul and I did’ he said calmly. 

‘Thank you master’ I said. I don’t know if we’re meant to be grateful, on behalf of white man kind, but it seems to be received well, usually any way. 

Master spat down on his erection. His cock glistens. I feel sure that he is going to ask me to turn and put my butt up for him. But I’ve forgotten that we are going to the soiree. I suck his cock for him. I have a stud in my tongue, master likes the feel of it just beneath his glans, sliding on his frenulum. 

‘His face is knocked about, but we will proceed anyway, this evening Haynes’  he observed working his cock casually in my mouth.

‘Of course master. No comment, I will help Brewer through with it.’ 

When we arrive at Mistress Carol’s and Master Raoul’s smart London subruban home, Brewer opened the door. I am astonished. He is wearing his collar, but that’s not what catches your attention. His left eye is almost closed, his cheeks are swollen like he has been playing a being a hamster and you can see the rub marks on his neck where the collar straps have been tightened to the closest possible hole. Brewers eyes must have bulged, mistress watching him as he learned to suck cock to order. How the man had been able to see to cook the light supper I don’t know! Anyway, he bowed and kissed the hand of my mistress. 

‘An accident Brewer?’ she asked imperiously. 

Brewer touched his cheek and responded with a nod. 

I kissed Mistress Carol’s hand.  She wore the most extravagent ring on her finger. If she slapped you it would cut your face open. She was only twenty or so, but she had incredible poise, the sort that in my experience comes with lying beneath a black master who teaches you what you cunt is really for. 

Feeling attentive tonight Haynes?’ she enquired.

‘Yes my mistress’ I answered softly. 

I helped Brewer in the kitchen, taking it in turns to step out with trays of food, which the alphas could sample at will. Mistress Carol came into the kitchen and told me to seve drinks as Brewer wasn’t ‘entirely presentable’. When I looked around, Brewer was knealing on the floor! I wondered whether it had simply been the masters who taught him humility or whether young mistress instructed too! 

You might wonder about such soirees, whether the alphas fuck all the time. They don’t. They laugh and socialise. They talk about sport, horse racing, rugby, athletics. They talk politics and whether x or y party are pro elites? They want the law changed, so its easy for white girls to marry black guys. White guys will have to get a special licence and that only granted if a black guy doesn’t intervene and start servicing her. It’s radical stuff. But they kiss a lot, touch a lot and if it has been sanctioned before hand, a bitch mistress will go with any alpha black male who shows interest in her. So in a big party, over a long night, my mistress has dripped with the seed or may be two or even three handsome bulls. But its not instant, its not constant and its subtley done. 

Brewer was crumbling. It had gone fine until the masters had taught him to bend the knee and open his mouth with his hands behind his back. Mistress had been brutal, handcuffing his hands behind his back and telling him to lick and suck each black erection in turn, back and forth. It was too much, too hard and too fast. But i wasn’t surprised. A bitch mistress likes to control, likes to humiliate. So Brewer had takn a battering until he sucked nicely, looking up in the right appreciative way. 

‘I told you….’it’s not a fucking game. You commit, capitulate to mistress’s will. You go to cock when ordered’. I couldn’t afford to dispense sympathy, well….could I? This was the hard lesson time. 

As if on cue, mistress Carol came into the kitchen, together with my master, Wesley. She started to kiss him, glancing at Brewer with a withering look. My master fondled her, her buttocks and breasts kissing her neck eagerly. By the time that young mistress was through her fertile years, i guessed she would have born three or four babies by Master Rohoul and his brothers. 

I elbowed Brewer and he winced silently. His ribs were sore, evidently. I dropped my gaze and signalled for Brewer to do likewise. You don’t stare at your betters when they are making love. When I got down onto my knees, thank fully Brewer followed suit. Mistress Carol has a perfect figure and in the tiny black cocktail dress it was accentuated. She was stood in front of Brewer, glanced down and pulled up the hem of her dress. Her butoocks were naked before him. When she pushed her buttocks my way I licked appreciatively, up and down her tight, immaculate curved skin and down the crease as well. 

‘Are you going to fuck me, is that what you want?’ she teased Master Wesley. 

Brewer started to look up. I elbowed him hard in the ribs again, licking as best I could. 

My master’s answer was to take his cock out. It was tumescent already, poised to pleasure mistress until she was dizzy. There would be no sheath, only bare back, grinding sex till her nipples stood out like door stops.

‘Brewer!’ I hissed beneath my breath. 

He opened his sore mouth, his lip splitting again and seeping a litte blood. My master wedged his cock inside. I saw Brewer’s lips close and then the motion of his mouth as he sucked my master’s cock. As master thrust into Brewers mouth, he swayed like a tree in a gale. It was hard, always hard for the voyeur type to take the fall. 

‘Good boy’ cooed Mistress Carol and lifted her hem again so that I could see her sex. It looked as if a siege engine had been used down there. Her cunt lips quivered, open, ready, regularly exercised. 

‘Thank you mistress’ I murmured and looked up at her in the required way. 

She smiled, ruffled my hair and drw my mouth against her wet sex, bucking against my lips. Mistress, just 20 made my head spin. She tasted so much of her black cock. She smelled like she lived on it. I opened my mouth and licked at her sex greedily. I ran my tongue around and around her loose sex so that her lips flicked and danced and her button swelled bigger and bigger. 

‘Good boy, that’s nice’ she moaned appreciatively. 

Brewer was sucking cock on automatic pilot. He didn’t look up to show his gratitude at all. He sucked looking down like this was something to be stoically endured. He would learn, finally, that this WAS sex for us. This was as good as it got. 

My master pulled his spittle dressed cock out of Brewers mouth and whilst I positioned mistress Carol’s labia wide open for him Maser Wesley pushed on in. I heard the young mistress gasp. BLack cock was delicious. 

‘Darling…’ she moaned softly. 

We glanced furtively at their bodies locking, his thick cock riding up into her. Master Wesley held her leg up and then rested her stilletto heeled foot onto Brewers back. He grunted noisily as he pumped inside her. Both the masters have mandingo huge cocks and both of them work to make a woman gasp, scream and hang on as best she can. Mistress Carol was taking massive strokes! 

‘Suck his cock afterwards, thank him!’ I mouthed with our faces down. 

Brewer was almost hperventilating, rocking as his mistress took the black prince length. 

‘Look up at him when you clean him. Show you’re grateful’ I mouthed next. 

Mistress Carol was groaning. A big cock brings a woman off hard and quick. She learns to ride again and again, of course she does, but in these casual moments. 

‘Oh god Wes, oh darling…..that’s so…..Christ!’ 

We listened to her climax. She was locking against him, spasming like she was having a fit. The more she pumped against him, the higher he squirted his gift inside her. 

‘You needing that bitch, you needing to cream on prong?’ 

Mistress Carol gasped loudly, ‘fuck….oh fuck…..give it me, please, please….give it me!’

Brewer looked as though he would collapse as mistress’s heel rotated like a blade into his back. 

‘Hold on’ I mouthed, ‘he’s fucking her, they will all fuck her, she’s too good for you!’

Nasty but true. Nasty, yes. But Mistress Carol made the most kitten like mewing sounds as she took the load, siphoning the semen in deep. 

‘Aaaargh!’ growled my master as he gifted mistress bitch a generous load. Brewer’s mistress jolted with every explosive thrust. 

I looked at Brewer, that’s why she doesn’t rate YOU my eyes said. Brewer, you ought to read it, you MUST read it. 

My master pulled out and to my massive relief Brewer assumed the pose, moth open, eyes upwards, eager, no, in fucking awe of what master Wesley had just done so casual and stylish. Master looked down at Brewer. He might have hit him but Brewer said, ‘thank you sir, thank you!’ It wasn’ the right wording, but master put his dirty cummy cock in the supplicant’s mouth anyway. 

Mistress Carol looked down at me, searching for breathes. She tried to smile, at Brewer’s efforts. He was just about making it through. She lifted her hem again, and there her perfect, femine, well bred, superior cunt was. Globules of semen hung from her glistening lips. 

I’ve perfected this look, like a beagle that’s about to wet itself with excitement. I knew that Brwer was watching.

Mistress Carol touched her sex. I don’t think that she could believe just how much spunk was pouring out. Both Raoul and master Wesley filled a girl up. She held her glistening wet mess finger in my face. 

‘Sniff’ she said. 

I inhaled deeply. This is part of the cycle, that which addicts and nslaves you, that which becomes your reason for living. 

‘You’ll never make it as a man will you’ she taunted cruelly. Mistress Carol was, i’m sure of it, an instinctive bitch. 

‘No mistress’ i conceded. 

‘Go on, lick it clean’ she said calmly. 

I started to lick her again. Oodles of my masters suremely rich and generous semen dripped onto my curling tongue and was taken back. It was the consistency of semolina, thick, hot, pungently of his body. It was what all white beautiful, fertile womn dserve and crave, black man’s semen. Each time I swallowed I looked up at her as though she was distributing alms. 

‘Thank you mistress, thank you’ I murmured as i licked. 

‘Does he disgust you?’ Master asked her. 

‘A bit, he looks so lame so beaten…’ she murmured. 

‘Pull has face hard on your cunt, ride against it bitch’ ordered my master. 

Mistress Carol did and i used my tongue tip to devastaing effect against her clitty. I licked and licked and licked. I could feel her sex gripping my tongue as i flicked upright. She tried to catch and hold my tongue that way, but lik a dervish I spun on, rolling my tongue against her button. I felt her nails sink into my scalp. Then, then her squirted in my face. She was dragging her sex all over my face and squirting. i heard her moan. i gasped ‘thank you mistress’ and tngued again. 

When she had finished, her whole body shaking with the force of her orgasm, she pushed me back. I fell sideways in much the same place as Brewer had landed after Master Wesley had finished wih him. 

‘He try to take you with his tongue?’ my master growled. 

Brewer shrunk. If there gaps beween the kitchn floor tiles h would have got down there!

‘Yes’ stammered the young mistress. 

‘He suck your clitty without you telling him?’ my master continued. 

God…no! No! I didn’t mean to do that. but te taste, the smell…

‘Yes’ Mistress Carol said, she looked in shock. 

‘He was showing off. He was showing pride, bitch, you gotta discipline him!’ i flinched. Fuck…no….!!!!

‘Brewer, hold his arms behind his back’ said my master. 

Berwer grabbed me. He grabbed me roughly, hating this, hating me, hating everything. He locked his arms through mine and held me kneeling upright in front of the young mistress. 

‘Please mistress, please mistress, I’m desperately sorry, please mistress….’ I was talking so fast. 

I wriggled, but Brewer’s grip was vice like. I’d shamed his mistress. 

‘Hit him across the face’ master Wesly said. 

I shook. 

Next door, i could hear master Raoul fucking my mistress. She was gasping, yelping under the pounding. 

Mistress Carol was staring wide eyed at me. 

‘He’s my property, he has insulted you’ maser Wesley said. 

Mistress Carol caught me across the left cheek with the back of her hand. I felf he rcocktail ring open the flesh and a sudden splurge of blood run down my cheek. 

‘Don’t you ever dare to presume again!’ she snapped. 

I dropped my head in submission. 

‘Head up cuck!’ snapped my master. I raised my head, facing Mistress Carol reading to accept the next blow. 

Brewer even laughed. He laughed in a sly animal way. 

Mistress Carol kicked him, in the thigh. He was lucky his privates didn’t take it. 

She came before me again, her sex inches from my face, her trembling hand not much further away. I watched her imeccably manicured fingers lift her hem again. 


I sucked down a breath. i nearly vomited, but Brewer held me. 

‘Lick’ she ordered and gratefully, aintily I licked her quivering sex the proper way, the suppliant way. I trembled, I wanted to sob. What a fucking fool! Just to impress…I knew nothing. I knew fucking nothing about serving. 

My master was smiling. 

‘You like me disciplining him don’t you?’ she said to the well built black prince who had just fucked her. 

‘Yeeeah’ drawled my master. 

Mistress Carol smiled and turned about. She held up her dress hem again, sticking her lovely rear in my face. 

My master pulled open her bttocks and pointed to a puckered little hole. 

‘Lick the bitch here’ he said callously. 

I licked her there. i licked her feeling ashamed of myself, ashamed of what I’d done, how I’d look down at th casualty needing a stich or two. Christ, what would my mistress say or do?