Bending Brewer’s mind

‘So…tell me, what’s it like watching Amelie fuck her bull then?’Brewer’s eyes danced as he spoke, they looked like fucking marionettes in their sockets. My mistress, the woman who I once addressed as Amelie, darling, wife, such terms, had instructed me to coach our friend Brewer, to have him submit that much faster. Carol, his mistress to be was a young bitch. Already owned by Raoul she was now being trained to treat white men like a piece of dirt. Even those with self esteem were to be assessed for their weaknesses and those were to be used against them just as soon as they were found. Make them want you, need you, crave you, and then hurt them. But in the mean time, Brewer’s mind had to be moulded. I knew that his mistress had caged his cock, and he was being made to wait for sexual offerings, but if Brewer wasn’t to take a hiding, because he baulked at sucking master’s cock, then I had to work on him. I wanted to hit Brewer, in his stupid face, for insulting my mistress like she was some sort of performer. I wanted to hit him till he bled like master Wesley sometimes hit me. But I knew it. Brewer wasn’t there yet. He hadn’t been caged long enough to soul ache, he hadn’t breathed in the scent of their sex so much that he was yet craving that smell, seeing himself as an oral practitioner, someone whose sexuality was now solely expressed using his tongue. Brewer was on the cusp of addiction, he would realise it soon enough. He would learn that the need to lick her was not just a cerebral titillation but a physiological gnawing need. A pretty young woman, in a thong, holding the key to your cock cage could do terrible things to who you thought that you are. ‘I don’t ‘watch’, I said and gestured inverted commas with my fingers, ‘I co operate when my mistress requires. I do as my mistress tells me.

If I am not required to be active, I kneel beside them and look down at the floor.’Brewer seemed disappointed. But I knew, Carol was already turning the screw. She had been away to Amsterdam with Raoul for five days. No contact with her cuck, no reassurance. My mistress had gone too, to reinforce the pleasure’s of being the black guy’s bitch. Carol was taught to suck cock like a whore, to put her pretty little butt up for a good botty posting on the handsome circumcised prong of Raoul. Once you obsessed with your man it was easier to hurt the cuck. That was what Raoul and others like him required. He didn’t just want to take a sexy white bitch off her husband, he wanted to use her to utterly humiliate him.  I accepted the righteousness of this. I accepted the rightness of white girls getting magnetized by the look of any handsome black stud who gave them the time of day. Carol looked perfect with Raoul. A young mistress and master. They were going to help change the world that fools like Brewer inhabited. ‘Co operation, in the bedroom, wherever, is part of a deeper, a more absolute thing Brewer, it isn’t the peep show pinnacle of some sort of voyerusitic trip, a game, it is part of the fabric of what I am what you will become.’ I gazed at my guest, and poured him more bourbon. I needed him to talk, so that he could be corrected. I needed him to relax, to contemplate what capitulation really meant. ‘You can’t think of your mistress as Carol any more, you can’t think of her as your wife, she is you mistress’ I added. Brewer grinned. He swirled the licquor around in his heavy tumbler. ‘She is going to think of you as a piece of shit. She is going to keep you on only as long as you feed their buzz together.

She will humiliate you, in public, in front of your family, before their new alpha friends, and you are going to have to stop thinking of this as a pastime.’ Brewer wasn’t convinced quite yet. I could tell. He was still enraputured by the idea that a black dude was fucking her. That was kind of hip wasn’t it? But he hadn’t confronted the idea yet that he had already lost her in any partnering sense. ‘She’s got your little man locked up, I know. She’s got winkyman locked up and you have to ask her nicely to lick her sex. May be right now you get lots of licks. Your sucking down the smell of her, seeing how drilled out she is and having a ball. May be you think you can control this, switch it off sometime soon. You can’t. The more you sniff and lick her, the more that registers arrogant bitch in your head, the more you are lost. It’s not a play time that she thinks you a waste of space, that she sees Raoul as better, she believes that and she will make you live it, all the time, not just once in a while.’ Brewer shivered. May be it was the drink catching the back of his throat. May be, you decide. ‘Is your mistress starting to wean you off licks yet friend?’ I asked. There, yes, I saw it in his eyes. He was being weaned. ‘May be she wants a nice new leather skirt, something sassy to please her man? May be its like that and you have to buy that skirt for her, else you wait a few weeks longer for a tiny sniff, a little pleasure?’ I’d seen his mistress, she was wearing a new Cartier santos automatic watch. Raoul was too. I’d bet a years wages that Brewer had been made to pay for those.

This was no fucking once upon a time game!’I bought her an designer watch’ Brewer conceded. ‘And mistress let you lick cunt for a week or two more. Hell, you got to lick several times a week, before and after her dating. It like that friend?’ Brewer blanched. The conversation was more than a mite uncomfortable. I pitied the poor fucker. I came to servitude a different route. I was bookish, self effacing, a cerebral type who never saw myself going shoulder to shoulder as regards the sex stakes. But Brewer, Brewer, he thought he was in control. He thought he was getting his mistress to turn tricks. This was going to hurt Brewer, and then some!’Whilst licking, I had to talk about Raoul, how he had stretched her cunt’ Brewer confided, his fingers loosening his tie. He waggled his glass for another refill. ‘Do you think your mistress enjoyed doing that to you?’ Brewer paused. He didn’t have an answer. Sex, it was motiveless save for his own motives, ie voyeurism.

The fucker was blind to what this might represent to his mistress. ‘I did it to her, she lay back, opened her legs and then her cunt flaps and I licked her…’ he insisted. I laughed. I laughed good. That was a fucking lie! A bitch only lies and exposes her sex like that for a black man. ‘She sat on your face, didn’t she friend?  She sat on your face, your arms locked down either side and lifted up regularly to look at your spermy face and to require you to talk about how alpha her man is.’ Brewer blushed. ‘Yes’ he admitted. ‘So what does that say about her mind, how she sees you?’ I ask as gently as I could. ‘She’s using me’ he conceded. I nodded. ‘How’s she using you then?’ ‘To think of him….when she’s doing that?”Yes, but more than that mate, more than that…’Brewer frowned. ‘Your mistress is enjoying humiliating you. She enjoys hurting you.’ My guest looks at me blank faced. It’s as if the revelation is too big, as if it has engulfed him like a sheet of water. ‘Perhaps, perhaps for now she appreciates the pleasure that your tongue provides. You better hope so mate. You better hope that! But more and more of the pleasure will be associated with using you, insulting you, making the sex hotter with your master. She is teaching you to think nothing of yourself.’ I get the questioning look. Brewer has been shaken for sure, but he’s still feeling his way to the slope down which he will slide. ‘After you bought mistress her smart watch, the oral tail off again?’ Brewer blinks yes. Of course. ‘She expect something more?’ He nods. I prompt him with my stare, go on…’I had to move my clothes out of the bedroom. I had to sleep in another bedroom’ he answered. ‘Because mistress will welcome her man back to the house’ I said. Christ I know about this.

There is no academy teaching black alphas and their bitches about this, but the pattern is familiar. Brewer’s shoulders have dropped. He peers down into his drink as though some salavation might be found in there. ‘Once he takes the nest, once he fucks her at ease, whilst you are made to wait outside, you’re at a cusp my friend. You’ll either be brought in meekly to cooperate, to suck his cock and lick mistress clean, or else you’ll panic and get one hell of a hiding. That’s why I’m talking to you. That’s why I’m explaining things….’ I tail off, needing to see Brewer acknowledge this stuff. ‘Go on’ said Brewer. It’s like he suddenly sees that my experience could be his salvation. ‘So, you have to accept that this isn’t a game, it is your life. Right now, you could run away, you could go for a divorce. May be you would take a hiding as well as loose your mistress, but you would have something left up here (I tapped my head). If you’re not about to run, to do the cold turkey missing what mistress feeds you, you’re going to have to shift mind set.’ More bourbon was poured into his tumbler. ‘You’re going to have to stop thinking of your wife as Carol and accept that she is your mistress. You’re going to have to plough a path that shows yo submit to her and your master. It’s not a sometimes thing. Every minute of every day and night, that lady is your mistress. She hasn’t dismissed you once in a while, she has judged you permanantly.’There were no more marionettes in Brewers eyes, instead there was only a stare of terror.

 ‘Why is mistress with Raoul?’ I asked him. I’ve found this sharp interrogation technique works. Make a man answer fast, instinctively, and bit by bit he can start to accept his humble station. ‘Because he’s black, she likes black guys…”No!’ I snap. ‘Because he fucks better than me…”Not enough!’ I snapped again and hit his arm so the drink jolted around in the glass. ‘Because he is better than me…”Yes! Mistress, how do you see her?’ Brewer frowned. His head felt fuddled may be. ‘She’s sexy, fuck, she’s sexy going with him…’I slapped Brewer’s face, like a girl. I know. But if i hit him, I would have taken a tooth or two out. ‘She’s arrogant, superior…”Frankly, she is too good for you’ i told him curtly, ‘she made a mistake marrying you, or simply saw you as fat wallet.’ Brewer’s head dropped. ‘She’s from a posh family, she’s so well educated, so cultured….’ Brewer started to ramble shaking his head. ‘She’s too well bred for you’ I told him cruelly, ‘she is simply too classy for you.

Now she is going to step up into a league way higher…’Brewer nodded. His cheek was red. ‘She’s going with the alpha black.’ he ventured.’Do you want that? Is that how the world should be, lovely, intelligent, stylish white girls getting taken, owned, bred by dude black guys?’ Brewer was rocking back and forth. This was crazy, crazy, stuff. But he felt it now, the ache for a lick, the need to show his mistress how enthralled he was by her. ‘Say it man!’ I demanded. ‘I want that….’ he ventured. ‘Want fucking what!?’ I snarled. ‘For mistress and women like her to start a new order”With?’ ‘Superior black guys…….’ I drew breath and told him to drain his glass. ‘You asked, asked about watching my mistress fuck…do you see now?’ I slugged back a measure of the liquor too. ‘Yes’ he admitted. ‘I don’t watch her. I attend her. I stopped believing that she is there to somehow please me.

I am there to be used by her. I am there to serve her. There are times when she looks so beautiful, they look so perfect together, that I feel breathless..’ Brewer gulped. ‘You’re nothing, an aside, a tool, an after thought…’ I nod. ‘We are fuck all really, just something disposable, to make their lives more perfect. It’s a paradox man, but being worthless, you become useful in some small sense. It’s what you hang on to.’The bottle is almost empty. I share out the last of the bourbon. ‘So what you going to do mate, run, or find your way down here with the likes of us?’ Brewer whispered, ‘us?’I smile. ‘There’s quite a lot of us. The world is changing, sex is changing, the women are making their choices.’Brewer understands. He can see why Raoul is preferred, of course he is, it was destined. ‘She’s left me a collar at home, a leather thing with two buckles at the back. It say’s Raoul’s’ on it, picked out in tan leather against the black.”You’re going to wear it tonight ready for when she gets home.”Yes’ he said, sipping his drink. ‘I’m going to wear it around the house.”One day, she’ll have to wear it outside’ I said calmly. ‘Yes, I know’ said Brewer.